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Where to start - Residential

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Who - Anyone and everyone with any size or style of home. There are no limits large or small. If you don’t know where to start you we are here to help to take your project from start to finish or we are happy to help you create your perfect design, source your products, create install instructions leaving you only to install and take all the credit and accolades.

What – I always recommend using a good commercial grade product even on a residential home. Although with using LED lighting there is less chance of electrical issues there is always that risk. I believe using the best products when available is always a wise choice. Lighting, greenery and holiday motifs are popular items used.

Where – Most home owners focus on the front of their homes using the front door as their focal point. Garland and wreaths are beautiful additions to a front entry. Natural areas, decorative trees and bushes can be enhanced with lighting. Windows can be adorned with wreaths. However, don’t forget the back yard – especially if you have a

pool area or outdoor kitchen. A tree, or group of trees, decorated with lights will provide pleasant views from windows looking out into the backyard

When – My experience is that residential holiday installations will go live early to mid-November and are generally taken down by mid-January.

Why - Creating a holiday display at your home can lift your spirits and bring about positive feelings and appreciation from neighbors and your community. Start making memories. Any positive impact we can make in the world is always worthwhile.

We can provide you with help from concept to application and everything in between. Know what you want but have no idea how to achieve it – we can help. Have no idea what you want – we can help. Need design or installation help - we are the company to call. There are some decisions which need to be made as you think through the design. Colored or white lights / motion or no motion / where is your visual image / focused on nighttime display / daytime display or both / who is your audience / what is your style / more is more / less is more / do you need to create balance in your display. Let us help you through these decisions.

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