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Lighting Rentals in Atlanta

At Illuminating Design, we are experts in creating specialty, eyecatching lighting designs, and our high-quality lighting is now more accessible than ever. With our local lighting rental services, you can easily rent the equipment you need for your next event to bring your vision to life. 

If you're located in Atlanta or the surrounding area, our expanded rental services allow you to incorporate our commercial-grade lighting into your upcoming event, so it's sure to shine. 

About Our Event Lighting Rentals in Atlanta

If you wish to rent our lighting equipment, the process is simple. Our rentals are exclusive to local events, so you need to be located in Atlanta or the surrounding area. All you have to do is pick up the equipment from our office.

After you've installed our event lighting and dazzled your guests, you just need to return everything to our office.

Our Various Lighting Rental Options

We have an extensive background in creating designs for different events across multiple industries, so we offer a variety of lighting choices to fit any event or occasion. Some of our main lighting options include:


  • Bistro lighting. This type of lighting is ideal for creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Perfect for any occasion, bistro lighting is sure to add an elegant touch to your next event. 

  • Gobo lighting. Gobo lighting is a great option if you want your lights to be eye-catching and unique. This type of lighting features a stencil in a design of your choice placed over the lights for a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Pin spotting. With pin spotting lighting, you can create a warm atmosphere using a unique decor element. Whether you're looking for wedding lighting rentals or decorations for a holiday party, this lighting option will catch your guests' attention.

  • Wall washers/uplighting. Because uplighting features lights at the base of walls, event planners consider it a necessity for creating a dramatic yet intimate atmosphere for a variety of events.

  • Red, green and blue (RGB) color-changing lights. If you're envisioning color-changing or light-activated lighting, this option could bring your vision to life. Our RGB color-changing lighting display will dazzle your guests and create a lively ambiance.

  • Projection mapping. Projection mapping involves projecting a digital display onto various objects, creating memorable backgrounds or full-size images. This type of visual image will catch everyone's attention and wow your guests. 

  • Fairy light orbs. Our fairy light orbs will create a whimsical and inviting environment to transform any event — from weddings to corporate parties and holiday gatherings — into a magical world. 


Lighting Rental Uses

Whether you need to create an atmosphere for an annual gala, beautiful wedding, or intimate birthday celebration, we can provide lighting options that will bring your vision to life and create an unforgettable event. Every occasion deserves exquisite lighting, so you can use our extensive collection of lighting equipment as you see fit. 

With our lighting rental services, it's easier than ever to make your event a memory worth repeating.  


In addition to our lighting rentals, we also offer multiple add-ons that will wow your guests. To create an atmosphere unique to your event, you can schedule a design consultation with one of our lighting experts. We'll complete a walk-through of the venue and help bring your vision to life with a customized lighting experience. 

We also provide installation and takedown services after your event is over as an add-on to the rental cost. By using these services, you won't have to worry about installing or deconstructing your custom design on your special day. If you want to make your event truly memorable and leave your guests at a loss for words, we also offer light shows and cake mapping, which will create a one-of-a-kind celebration.


To find the right rental lighting equipment for your event, view our pricing guide to learn more about our rates. We will work with you to create a lighting option that is best for your budget. We can also provide lighting package options that are sure to make your event special. 

Contact Illuminating Design for Event Lighting Rentals in Atlanta 

Trust Illimuniating Design for your event or wedding lighting rentals in Atlanta. We are experts in creating custom creations, and with our local lighting equipment rental services, you can easily enhance your event's atmosphere with a lighting design that will impress your guests. 

Reach out for a project quote to receive more information about your event and specific lighting ideas. We will ensure you are equipped with the perfect lighting rentals for your event to dazzle your guests.

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