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Wedding Lighting Design & Rentals in Atlanta


After 16 years of producing major events for municipalities and corporations, Illuminating Design offers artistic commercial quality lighting for the most important day of your life — your wedding. We can help you elevate your wedding day with artistic lighting which can be customized to match the color of your day.  We also offer lighting rentals and packages to fit your needs. 

The right lighting can deliver the perfect first impression and capture your guests' attention throughout the ceremony and reception. With our high-quality wedding lighting rentals and professional wedding lighting design and installation services, we'll create the perfect backdrop for you to exchange your vows and create your first memories as a married couple. 

Importance of Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Wedding in Atlanta 

Lighting does more than add brightness to a space — the right type, amount and placement of lighting can impact the overall wedding mood and ambiance. If your wedding style is bright and cheerful, our team can add multiple accent lights to emphasize this mood. If you prefer to create more of a romantic atmosphere, we can design a softly glowing space with a balance of light and dark.

Whether you want to feel as if you are dancing under the stars or partying at an edgy club, our lighting for wedding receptions can transform your venue and fit your specific aesthetic. 





















Things to Keep in Mind as You Plan Your Wedding Lighting Design

There are a few important areas to consider before installing lighting for your wedding or reception: 


  • Does the venue already have some lighting? If so, how much and what kind?

  • What architecture or decor do you want to highlight?

  • Is there anything you want to de-emphasize in the venue?

  • Do you want to add a personalized touch through an image or a special monogram or date?


Considering these questions can help you narrow down what type of lighting services you'd like to incorporate in your venue.

Our Atlanta Wedding and Reception Lighting Services

At Illuminating Designs, we combine artistic designs with commercial-grade lighting to achieve a professional result. Depending on your needs and budget, we can incorporate the following lighting services into your wedding venue:


  • Cake mapping: With cake mapping, you can project an image — ranging from a picture to a special date — on your cake to tell a story.

  • Gobo lights: Gobo lights are a popular type of wedding lighting. By adding a stencil over the lights, you can project your monograms, wedding motifs or wedding date onto the dance floor, ceiling or wall. 

  • Pin spotting: Pin spots can create a focused beam to highlight something special, such as your wedding cake.

  • Uplighting: To create an "uplighting" effect, we place lighting fixtures in key areas on the ground and then pointed upward. 

  • Wash lighting: Wash lighting creates an even wash of light. For a dramatic effect, you can choose wash lighting in a color other than white.


We can also work with you to create a variety of other lighting features ranging from cafe to sound-activated lighting to transform your venue into an unforgettable space. 


"It was a pleasure working with your team. They were not only professional but friendly, helpful and pleasant, ready to do above and beyond the call of duties. Everybody loved your work and gave a lot of compliments.The decoration and lighting arrangement was great. Please give my personal thanks to each member of your team for a job very well done. Thanks once again."

How Illuminating Design Can Help You Create the Wedding of Your Dreams

We've been in the lighting industry since 2004. During those years, we've helped make the wedding planning process easier for countless couples. Every couple has a unique vision and budget, so we always meet with you at your venue to get a better understanding of your wedding and lighting style.

Following our one-on-one meeting, we'll create multiple design ideas and share some recommendations with you. Then, you pick the design of your dreams and we get right to work bringing that design to life using our quality materials. Because we also offer timely lighting removal services, you can head off to your honeymoon after your reception without worrying about taking down all of the lights you rented. 

Contact Illuminating Design to Bring Your Wedding Design to Light

Our team of experts at Illuminating Design understands what it takes to be a lighting designer. We have the knowledge, expertise and solutions needed to help design and deliver the wedding experience of your dreams. 

We want you to feel confident that your big day will go smoothly. Along with our professional design and installation services, we also offer service calls for all our wedding lighting designs in Atlanta. If there is any issue before or during your wedding and reception, we'll fix it. 

To get started planning your big day, give us a call at 404-454-8944 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Professional Installation starts at $800

No minimum for pickup and guided self-installation

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