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Uplighting for Events in Atlanta, Georgia

If you're looking for a dramatic addition to your event, uplighting is a great feature that has grown in popularity over the years. Today, some event planners consider it a basic event need. Uplighting is the installation of lights at the base of walls, furniture and other objects, so the light shines upward, creating a fanned illumination. This kind of lighting is used for a range of events and brings emphasis to essential features. 

If you have an exciting celebration coming up, let Illuminating Design add uplighting to your event space. 

How You Can Use Uplighting in Your Event

Event uplighting in Atlanta is fantastic for galas, birthday parties and holiday celebrations. Think about essential aspects of your celebration — maybe it's a glorious cake, photography wall, art piece or museum artifact. These are all exciting details that bring value to your event. They are also at risk of getting lost in the mix of excitement, from the music to the entertainment.

Help your guests recognize these important items with uplighting. Uplighting is great for creating a focal point, whether it's a cake, wall art, sign, wall or hallway. Do you want to emphasize elegant curtains and tapestries? Uplighting creates gentle shadows and provides enough light to play off the fabric. If you are hosting an art show, consider uplighting for certain pieces, such as sculptures and vases. 

Benefits of Uplighting for Events in Atlanta

Choosing uplighting for your events in Atlanta comes with an array of benefits, such as:

  • Draw guests' attention: Additional lighting beyond what's at the venue can impress guests. When you have strategically placed lighting, it helps draw guests' attention. This is especially important when you want to emphasize valuable details, such as art pieces and auction items.

  • Customize the plan: Your lighting should emphasize the different elements of your event. Time the lights to come on right at a pivotal moment, such as presenting a check at a charity ball. Or, have your uplights illuminate the columns around the dance floor as the band starts. 

  • Set the mood: Uplighting comes in many colors to fit the style of your celebration. If you are hosting a gala or charity event, colored uplighting is a great way to set the event's tone. Choose exciting colors, such as reds and yellows for auctions and raffles or deep blues and pinks for dancing. You can also select blues and purples to match a romantic wedding theme or incorporate company colors for corporate events.

Whether you want to set the mood or draw attention to a valuable item, uplighting helps establish a focal point. If you're not sure where to start with uplighting, Illuminating Design can help.

The Illuminating Design Process

When you contact Illuminating Design for a lighting plan, we will immediately schedule a date with you. At that time, we'll meet you at the event venue to get a feel for the location. We want to see the layout, so we can start coming up with unique ideas for your event. After we tour the venue, we will go over our immediate ideas with you.

With some photos of the venue and notes from our conversation, we'll return to the office and begin the design process. We always create an original design that fits your event's style while accommodating your budget and venue.


Once we finish the design, we'll meet with you at the venue again to explain our lighting ideas and what each lighting source will do. This is your opportunity to make any alterations to the plan as you see fit. From there, we'll adjust the design and begin installing the lighting as soon as you direct us.


After the event is over, we also provide timely lighting removal services. 

Other Lighting Options for Your Event

In addition to uplighting, Illuminating Design has several other lighting options to consider, such as:

Trust Illuminating Design With Uplighting for Your Event

For uplighting services in Georgia, partner with Illuminating Design. We have experience working with a range of clients, from big-city museums and botanical centers to residential areas. Wherever your event is, let us take care of it. Our range of lighting options can create unrecognizable spaces for your family, friends and guests to celebrate your event. 


To learn more or schedule our services, fill out a contact form today or call us at 404-454-8944!

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