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Bistro Lighting in Atlanta, Georgia 

Whether you’re looking to imitate the lively feel of a bustling outdoor cafe nestled along a narrow European street, or you want to generate a sense of intimacy and warmth in your space, consider adding bistro lighting.

Bistro lights are sometimes also referred to as patio lights. They come on strings and often feature bold, optically white bulbs. However, bistro lighting also comes in different colors to fit a variety of event needs and ambiances.

Because they can be permanently or temporarily installed and work in both indoor and outdoor environments, bistro lights are a fantastic option for many social gatherings and retail experiences.

When Is Bistro Lights Most Often Used in Atanta Georgia Events?

Bistro lighting can play a role in just about any setting where a crowd is likely to gather. Many people use bistro lighting to enhance and energize the following events:


  • Weddings: Bistro lighting exudes a simple elegance that’s perfectly suited for many weddings.

  • Corporate events: Strings of bistro lights create a sophisticated — yet understated — mood that’s often ideal for business-related gatherings like trade shows, corporate launches and company-wide celebrations.

  • Outdoor yard and patio decor: Residential and commercial clients often use bistro lighting in Atlanta to add a warm glow and festive ambiance to backyards, patios, porches, gazebos, trellises, pergolas and fencing.

  • Holiday parties: What would the holidays be without strings of lights? Instead of featuring standard holiday lights, many businesses and individuals opt for upscale bistro or café lighting with its striking appearance.

Bistro Lighting Options in Atlanta 

Although all bistro lighting consists of high-quality lights strung along a length of insulated wire, bistro lights can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and hues. From classic bulbs to large round ones, and from white to multi-colored pigmentation, bistro lights can be made to fit the moment and desired outcome. Bistro lights can also be constructed out of RGB LED lights, allowing the lights to change color or remain static depending on the desired effect.

Best of all, you can install bistro lighting as a permanent fixture or set them up for a single event.

What Sets Our Bistro Lighting Apart?

At Illuminating Design, we bring extensive lighting expertise to every project. Our vast knowledge and expertise help us make bistro lighting recommendations that will achieve the effect you want. You’ll appreciate partnering with a company that takes lighting design seriously and only uses the best lights, materials and technology to create stunning results.

Other Lighting That Goes Well With Bistro Lighting For Events 

Like all events or installations, every lighting design project is a one-of-a-kind experience. Often, bistro or café lighting is used in tandem with other lighting effects and sources. For instance, a restaurant might install bistro lighting for its grand opening. During the grand opening, the restaurant may choose to use gobo lighting to display its brand on the floor, as well as 3D cake projection mapping to highlight a multi-tiered celebratory pastry.

Another variety of lighting that we frequently use alongside bistro lighting is dramatic uplighting, which can cast a blush of light upward toward the bistro bulbs. Additionally, we can leverage pin spotting or a form of RGB LED lighting to maximize the overall lighting effect and environment.

If you’ve been wondering how to breathe life into your next big get-together, or to add drama and flavor to your commercial or residential space, our team at Illuminating Design would be happy to help. Fill out our online contact form today to get started. We'll work with you to determine whether bistro lighting could be the key to making your big moment shine.

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