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Illuminating Design Provides Turnkey Quality Lighting Design and Service Guaranteed

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Say goodbye to service issues and "Hello" to seamless installations

We Bring Design to Light

Illuminating Design is a revolutionary company who guides you through the lighting design and installation process.  We offer LED uplighting, projection mapping, RGB Lighting, and more! We handle all aspects of your project: design, sourcing products, and installation services. We work directly with you to create the perfect event or holiday display. When throwing an event with lights in Atlanta or looking for a lighting display, Illuminating Design is your go-to lighting professionals. 


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Georgia Event Lighting Experts

As Georgia's premier event lighting company, Illuminating Design provides innovative lighting design and installation solutions that transform indoor and outdoor event spaces into extraordinary experiences. Our accomplished team members deliver unforgettable displays through their wealth of expertise and unmatched imaginative flair, helping create memories worth repeating.



Our Diverse Range of Event Lighting Services

Regardless of the occasion, budget, venue or scale of your event, we apply our creative minds and state-of-the-art lighting solutions to ensure the space shines in the best possible light. Our services include:

Cake Projection Mapping

Transform your cakes into vibrant visual centerpieces with our cake mapping technology, ensuring your wedding, anniversary or birthday cake is as memorable as the event.

Bistro Lighting

Our professional and customizable bistro lighting solution creates a warm and welcoming ambiance, which is ideal for events in Georgia that call for a touch of sophistication indoors or under the stars.

Gobo Lighting

Our custom gobo lighting solution lets you personalize your venue with thematic patterns, monograms, corporate logos and other designs. Enhance branding at your corporate event, add a unique touch to your wedding decor, or elevate your party or gala theme with gobo lighting.

Pin Spotting Lighting

Highlight your venue's or decor's critical elements with our precise pin spotting lighting solution. This service adds depth and dramatic effect by accentuating everything from architectural features to centerpieces, products and cakes, ensuring your guests enjoy every detail.

 RGB Lighting

From sound-activated lighting to color-changing displays and a host of visual effects options, our customizable RGB lighting solutions transform event venues into immersive spaces. Let our event lighting experts tailor your RGB solution to your needs for a mesmerizing experience.

Projection Mapping

Our cutting-edge projection mapping technology lets you project images, videos and animations onto your chosen surface. This solution allows your guests to immerse themselves in visuals and is well-suited to product launches, corporate events and thematic parties.


Set the mood with our advanced uplighting services, adding depth and dimension through strategically placed lighting at the base of walls and objects. From adding a romantic glow to a wedding to injecting vibrant energy into a corporate event, our professional uplighting services help you achieve the right tone.

Holiday Lighting

We leverage our industry-leading creativity and expertise to deliver custom, dynamic commercial holiday lighting solutions. Our service covers everything from complex lighting displays to traditional themes for public spaces and events.

Why Choose Us for Professional Lighting in Georgia?

Choosing Illuminating Design as your professional lighting partner means you'll enjoy:

  • Unparalleled industry experience

  • Innovative, tailored lighting solutions

  • The latest, top-tier lighting technology

  • An attentive lighting partner

  • A hassle-free service experience

Contact the Georgia Light Experts Today

Let our Georgia light design and installation experts take your event to the next level. Contact us via our online form to discuss your event needs with our team.






We are here to help you create memories.

We offer a range of services from, Concept to Completion, Design only, Consulting, Build to Ship, Product Rental, RGB Design, Uplighting Rentals, Programmed lighting, Image Projection, Cake Mapping and anything else your heart desires.

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