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Year-Round Lighting Solutions for Your Business

From inspiring awe to sparking creativity, your business's lighting plays a big role in how your customers and employees feel — which also affects your bottom line. 

Exploring our commercial lighting design and installation services can help push your business to the next level. We'll help you create a system that makes your company the shining beacon of light among your competitors.

Elevate Your Space With Commercial Lighting Installation From Illuminating Design

Whether you're looking for lighting solutions for a corporate office space, sports venue or even a cake shop, our mission is to help you make your vision a reality. We strive to design unique installations that will delight your customers throughout the year, from the start of January all the way through the holiday season. 

At Illuminating Design, we offer custom lighting design and installation services for commercial properties across all industries, so your creative freedom is virtually unlimited. 

Why Is Professional Lighting Important in Commercial Spaces?

Good lighting design makes all the difference in brick-and-mortar businesses like car dealerships, coffee shops and retail stores. Here's how:

  • Set the mood: A bright, welcoming atmosphere makes customers want to linger, which can help your business maximize revenue. Likewise, warm-toned lights can create a comfortable space that makes visitors feel calm and collected. 

  • Highlight products: Creative lighting arrangements can help you emphasize key features on shop displays, model cars, artwork and other products.

  • Boost productivity: The right lighting can enhance focus and alertness, enhancing your overall productivity and improving customer service.

  • Improve safety: Visibility in outdoor spaces goes down once it starts getting dark, so installing permanent lighting is necessary to keep your patrons and employees safe.

  • Enhance security: Aside from being decorative and stunning, effective lighting installations may deter would-be criminals from breaking into your property, protecting your business and giving you peace of mind.

The Benefits of Year-Round Lighting Installations

While many businesses install elaborate lights for the holiday season, year-round displays were previously less common. However, they're finally having their moment, and we can see why. These installations can enhance ambiance and emphasize your business's uniqueness. 

Some of the advantages of year-round lighting installations include:

  • Saves time and effort: Weatherproof lighting installations are highly versatile and designed to last throughout the year, so you can keep them up even after the season changes. 

  • Cost savings: Permanent displays using LED lights use significantly less energy than incandescent lights, which can save your business thousands in electricity costs.

  • Customization: You can change your LED lighting colors without having to install new lights if you work with a reliable design team. Set new color schemes to match each holiday or even change them to support local sports teams. The possibilities are endless.

Why Work With a Certified Blue Hopper Installer?

Blue Hopper is the industry leader in permanent outdoor lighting, which is why we're proud to call ourselves a Blue Hopper-certified installer.

This certification helps us deliver unparalleled quality, innovation and creativity to clients across various industries, including entertainment companies, car dealerships, restaurants, event venues and more.

Lighting up the Benefits of Blue Hopper

As the original producer of permanent outdoor lighting systems, Blue Hopper offers unique advantages:

  • Customization: Choose from an expansive menu of bulbs and colors to create a display that truly highlights your property.

  • Convenient Bluetooth operation: The BlueRoots app gives you total control over your entire installation at the tap of a finger. 

  • Energy efficiency: Blue Hopper's LED lighting can save your business as much as 87% in power costs.

  • Longevity: Even with minimal maintenance requirements, Blue Hopper lighting can provide up to 50 thousand hours of life before needing a replacement.

  • Weatherproof: The decorative casing hides your lights from view in the daytime, and it also protects them from rain, snow, sleet and more.

Applications of Commercial Lighting Services

It's a common misconception that commercial lighting services only involve a quick installation and, sometimes, a removal appointment. However, commercial lighting services go beyond setting up a few string lights and calling it a day. 

At Illuminating Design, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched value through every step of the commercial lighting process, from ideation to completion. We know that a professional design team can transform any space into something totally new with lights and a vision. For many businesses, a lighting makeover is just what they need to bring in more customers. 

Transforming Spaces Across Industries

Any business can benefit from a permanent lighting installation, including:

  • Restaurants: Create a cozy, welcoming patio space that invites customers to stay longer with warm bistro lights

  • Car dealerships: Attract more customers to your dealership with unique rooftop and landscape lighting arrangements, and increase conversions with custom uplighting installations that highlight key selling points of your best models.

  • Retail shops: Pique customers' interest with an eye-catching gobo lighting installation on the side of your building. You can also use strategic pin spotting to accentuate displays and entice customers to buy.

  • Corporate buildings: Make your office space somewhere people want to work with lighting displays that change color throughout the day to improve focus and productivity. 

Whatever your industry, whatever your space, working with an experienced lighting company is key. 

With years of experience behind us, our team at Illuminated Design has the knowledge and expertise to give you the best recommendations. So, you can kick back and relax knowing you're in good hands.

Illuminate Your Business With Illuminating Design

At Illuminating Design, we know the importance of good lighting design. Our philosophy centers around the idea of lighting as more than just another appliance — we believe lighting design is a transformative visual art. 

When you choose us for your lighting project, you'll enjoy personalized attention from experts with experience in more than 3,000 installations. Here's a quick overview of how our process works:

  • Get in touch: Submit our online contact form with all the information regarding your project, including your ideas and budget.

  • Tell us your vision: A member of our creative team will reach out about your project. We'll then meet with you in person to get a feel for how your vision will work on your property.

  • Design phase: Our team will take everything you've provided and use it to design several different stellar lighting arrangements. 

  • Presentation: We'll send you our designs, and you can pick the one you like best based on your original vision and budget.

  • Installation: See our installation team bring your vision to life on your site. 

Need proof? Explore our past projects to see how we've helped businesses like yours shine. 

Start Your Lighting Project Today

Ready to brighten up your commercial space? Fill out our online contact form today to get started. A member of our team will be in touch!

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