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A single light can have a huge emotional impact

With the revolution the lighting industry has seen over the past years and the advancement of LED lighting, power consumption has become less of a worry as people create lighting design.  Illuminating Design believes that advancement has led to a philosophy throughout the industry that more equals better.  This is only partly true.  On a large scale more can be better but only if more is different. Is it really a design if you are using thousands of lights but they all act the same?  Just because it can flash, should it?  If the design only blinks or does rapid color changing, is it really art at all?

Lighting design needs to be looked at as a visual art used to bring about feeling and emotion. It’s a feeling that you have just experienced something wonderful, something that moves you.  In lighting, Illuminating Design allows for the negative space to enhance the lighting.  We bring about moments of pause to allow the viewer to digest what they have just seen, to allow the viewers feelings to rush over them, and to truly be in the moment and experience the lighting.  Lighting is a delicate balance between light and dark along with color transition. Only when those are fine tuned do you become one with time, create a moment you will never forget, and have the internal desire to experience again and again. 

We believe that a single light can have a huge emotional impact. We believe thousands working in unison, each with their own role to play, can transform the experience into something truly memorable and inspiring. 


The Lighting Philosophy of Illuminating Design in Georgia

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