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Event Lighting in Atlanta

Drama. Mood. Ambiance. Energy.

The right lighting designer can help add a layer of personality and memorable flair to any event. However, you need the right event lighting company near you to make sure that each light you choose helps you tell your preferred story. Choosing the right lighting services to create your perfect event lighting can make or break any event. Luckily for you, Illuminating Designs is one of the top lighting designers in Atlanta. It is important to get a professional lighting company for events so you can ensure quality. 

At Illuminating Design, we believe that all events deserve the power and excitement of amazing event lighting. From permanent bistro light installations to three-dimensional cake projection mapping, we have the tools, skills and vision to add an unforgettable touch to your wedding, corporate event, celebration, product launch or trade show with our lighting services.

Why Choose the Right Event Lighting Company?

As with all businesses, every event lighting company has its unique characteristics. Illuminating Design is no exception. For more than 15 years, we’ve wowed clients with our imaginative suggestions, second-to-none installations and exceptional outcomes. Not only do we have the event lighting expertise to back up our claims of being one of Atlanta’s premier luxury event lighting companies in Atlanta, GA, but we also have the right lighting services for any occasion.

Why does the right lighting matter?


  • Event lighting makes a striking impact on any event. Imagine an outdoor nighttime wedding without lights, or an indoor corporate product launch without lighting effects. 

  • Lighting can activate a desired mood. Humans naturally respond to lights, which is why their overall mood and frame of mind can be shaped by the lights available in a certain space. 

  • Lighting goes beyond visual language to tell a story. When event lights are properly chosen, designed and installed, they can carry the story that’s being told during the experience. 


Make sure that your lighting always adds to your events. Trust Illuminating Design for your event lighting services in Atlanta and the surrounding communities.

How Can Experienced Lighting Designers In Atlanta Enhance Events of All Sizes?

Professional event lighting design is traditionally used to add anything from drama and pizzazz to elegance and sophistication at several types of gatherings.


  • Weddings: Many couples work with a professional event lighting company  to intensify and amplify the overall personality and uniqueness of their weddings.

  • Parties: The addition of some lights can take a party to a new level in seconds. Event lighting can make any celebration feel more luxurious and special.

  • Corporate events: From fundraisers to product launches, corporations everywhere depend upon event lighting to bring style and character to their company’s get-togethers. Lighting services such as pinspotting or gobo lighting projections can help keep attendees focused on the overall corporate messaging while they’re socializing.

  • Galas: Some events call for more than a few strings of store-bought holiday lights. A gala is an upscale occasion and deserves the right type of light to showcase the atmosphere. Event lighting installations can breathe a sense of glamour into any space.

  • Milestone birthdays and anniversaries: Once-in-a-lifetime personal celebrations demand more than just presents and a cake. To rev up the ambiance and bring together a comprehensive design at any turning-point occasion, add a mix of event lighting.


"It was a pleasure working with your team. They were not only professional but friendly, helpful and pleasant, ready to do above and beyond the call of duties. Everybody loved your work and gave a lot of compliments.The decoration and lighting arrangement was great. Please give my personal thanks to each member of your team for a job very well done. Thanks once again."

What Event Lighting Types Are Available in Atlanta, Georgia?

One of the most appealing aspects of the event lighting industry is that there are plenty of lighting styles to choose from. A few of the most requested lighting effects we offer at Illuminating Design include:


  • Accent lighting: Shine a light in a particular area for added emphasis and flair.

  • Bistro lighting: Transform any space into a café-style environment with bistro lighting for events. 

  • Gobo lighting: Project an image, such as a monogram or pattern, onto a flat surface with high-quality gobo lighting.

  • RGB lighting: Use RGB lighting to turn your lights any color of the rainbow at any time.

  • Uplighting or underlighting: When you want lights to project upward, such as from the underside of a platform or along a wall, turn to uplighting or underlighting for an eye-catching effect.


If you have a dream for your upcoming event, we want to hear about it. We can use our experience as event lighting installation experts to help you choose the right mix of lighting types for an unparalleled outcome.


How Can We Help With Your Event Lighting Installation in Atlanta, Georgia?


Illuminating Designs is your go-to lighting company for events in the Atlanta area. When you reach out to our team of lighting designers, you’ll immediately get the benefits of working with a professional event lighting company that knows the lighting business inside and out. We’re passionate about staying on top of our field, and we never say that a job can’t be done. In fact, we’re eager to tackle your boldest event goals. Contact us today to get started.

Professional Installation starts at $800

No minimum for pickup and guided self-installation

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