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When you're looking for the right touch to make your event as enjoyable and memorable as possible, RGB lighting design could be a brilliant way to create an unforgettable gathering. At Illuminating Design, we're here to help you make the design you're envisioning. Whether you're hosting a wedding, gala, birthday party or another event, we'll work with you to put together the right design for the special day.

What Is Custom RGB Lighting?

With custom RGB lighting, you can enhance your event space with program lighting designed to fit your specifications. Whether you're envisioning a color-changing lighting installation or perhaps sound-activated lighting, we can help you develop a stunning piece to accentuate the excitement and liveliness of your event.

RGB is an acronym for red, green and blue — the three colors most lighting systems emit. With strategic lighting, you can get stunning color displays from these color combinations. Program lighting design decides where and when the lights will move for a combined effect of vibrant, warm lighting over the event space. 

Beautiful Ways You Can Use Program Lighting Design

There are many exciting ways you can use custom RGB lighting to create just the right atmosphere at your venue. Whatever you're looking for, give your creativity free reign with the endless possibilities of customized lighting:

  • Sound-activated lighting: Create sound-activated lights that move with the music. With sound-activated lighting, the light program can coordinate with a song track or respond whenever the music starts.

  • Water visual effect: Another way you can develop an exciting design is to create a moving light wall that behaves like water, creating a stunning aura in the room. 

  • Star visual effect: Are you looking for more of a night glow? Create a twinkling, beautiful wall of stars so guests feel as though they're staring up at the night sky. 

  • Color-changing lighting installation: Wow guests with a color-changing light display to fit the event's ambiance and transform the tone and mood. With 16.4 million colors for each individually controlled bulb, this option can create diagrams or words and transform them into any style or surface you want to light up.


The Advantages of Custom Lighting

Custom lighting offers exciting advantages to light up your space in brilliant ways and make your event even more dazzling and unforgettable. The many benefits of choosing a custom RGB design include:


  • Versatility: With custom lighting, you can create the ideal combination of colors, designs, angles and intensities of light to complement your venue perfectly.

  • Customizability: Program lighting is completely customized and personalized for your requirements — it's something unique that can stand out at any event. You can display uniquely meaningful themes for your event and your guests. 

  • Creativity: A custom lighting design is a perfect way to make a memorable, stunning aesthetic that will deepen guests' enjoyment of the occasion.


Our Design Process

When you choose Illuminating Design to make your lighting inspirations come to life, we'll partner with you to create what you're envisioning. We follow a straightforward process to ensure we're designing something you'll love, starting with coming to your venue for a consultation. We'll work to understand what atmosphere you want and what your goals are for the event, and we'll provide ideas and recommendations for how we can best use the space.

Next, we'll put together a design based on your preferences and the site requirements. Once we've reviewed the plan with you and finalized what you're looking for, we'll create the design, prepare the lighting and install it at your site. After the event, we'll arrive promptly to remove the lighting for you.

Other Lighting to Complement Your Event

We know that lighting has a significant impact on people's overall impression of a venue, and we're determined to create stunning scenes no one will forget. We work to create an overall ambiance with our lighting that brings out people's emotions. Whether you want our custom program lighting, lively bistro lighting or dramatic gobo lighting, we have you covered.


Get Stunning Lighting Designs for Your Next Event

Our goal is to deliver gorgeous visuals for any occasion. Whatever special day you're planning, let us work with you to create an elegant, lively lighting design that you and your guests will love. Whether you need design, installation or services for one of our fixtures, we're here to help make your event just right.

Want to find out more about our offerings? Get in touch with us online or by phone at 404.454.8944 today.

RGB Lighting Design In Atlanta, Georgia

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