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Corporate Event Lighting Design in Atlanta, Georgia

Every corporate event has its own purpose and rhythm. Some feel more like high-impact, energized pep rallies. Others have a sense of sophistication and refinement. Regardless of the overarching theme or intent, all business gatherings can benefit from specially designed corporate event lighting design.

As a professional corporate event lighting company in Atlanta, Illuminating Design works with companies, nonprofits, government agencies and other entities to add brilliance and excitement to any conference, trade show, product launch, celebration or retreat. Illuminating is your go to lighting expert for your corporate event lighting design needs in Atlanta.

Choosing the Right Corporate Event Lighting Company in Atlanta

Lights matter, especially lighting for corporate events. Attendees respond immediately to the way lights play off a backdrop or illuminate a setting. Uplighting against a curtain can draw the eye upward toward a gobo lighting effect. Pinspotting can direct attention and even promote traffic flow through a particular space.

Without thoughtfully planned lighting, a corporate function can lose its intended mood or ambiance. But with the correct mix of lighting styles and delivery, the event can take on a life of its own and become a memorable experience for everyone.

When Is Corporate Event Lighting in Atlanta Used?

Companies and agencies call upon Illuminating Design to create unique corporate event lighting for a variety of gatherings:


  • Galas: These upscale events typically embody a sense of playful luxury, and lighting can help activate the overall tone of the evening.

  • Fundraisers: The objective of a fundraiser is typically to motivate, uplift and energize. Lights can play a central role in both celebrating donors and encouraging philanthropy in an animated setting.

  • Holiday parties: The corporate holiday luncheon or dinner usually has an ambiance that fits the brand. Whether it’s a casual affair or a black-tie celebration, the party deserves lighting that befits its character.

  • Meetings: All types of business meetings can shine brighter with the application of the right lighting design. For instance, gobo lighting can be particularly effective for product launches.

Lighting Services Available for All Businesses

From startups to Fortune 500 entities, every business can gain an advantage from event lighting design. Below are some of the more popular types of lighting and services available for the corporate marketplace:


  • Bistro lighting: Bistro lights strung above guests’ heads can add an aura of charm, style and even whimsy to an event.

  • Accent lighting: Placed here and there, accent lighting helps emphasize specific elements at a gathering without necessarily calling bold attention to the object or area.

  • Gobo lighting: Gobo lighting projects images or lettering against a solid background, such as the stage wall or the entryway floor. It’s a terrific way to showcase a logo or brand name.

  • RGB lighting: RGB lighting uses the power of changeable LED bulbs to create lights in any color. The lights can remain static or change at random or pre-planned internals.

  • Uplighting: The power of uplighting is that it adds more visual depth to any space. By drawing light upwards dramatically or faintly, uplights can illuminate areas in new, unusual ways.


How Illuminating Design Helps Corporate Event Planners in Atlanta

When you need corporate event lighting design in Atlanta, trust Illuminating Design and its team of passionate, experienced lighting experts.

We’ll learn more about your event, ask questions during our consultation, and assist you in using lighting to meet your goal — whether it's to amplify your message or energize a crowd. Contact us today to get started.

Professional Installation starts at $800

No minimum for pickup and guided self-installation

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