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How to Elevate Your Christmas Lights

Updated: Jan 3

How to Elevate your Christmas Lights

Putting up Christmas lights and decorations is a task that almost anyone can do. However, creating an eye-catching display requires close attention to detail and an extra special touch. If you want to truly spread the holiday cheer or create a display that stands out, these tips can help you elevate your Christmas lights this year.

1. Add Motion 

A small yet effective way to liven up your Christmas lights is adding a bit of motion. You can do this by incorporating lighting with a twinkle or fade effect into the design, introducing a captivating element to the overall display.

2. Highlight Key Focal Points 

Depending on your home's design, the point of interest can be the roofline, front yard or entryway. Consider placing lights around these areas to add a simple and elegant touch. 

3. Make a Candy Cane Tree

If you feel like getting creative this season, a candy cane wrap is a stunning lighting decoration you can try. Here is the easiest way to decorate a tree like this: 

  • Wrap two or three strands of red lighting around a tree trunk, going up.

  • Separate the lines by three inches at every turn as you wrap the lighting.

  • Add cool white lighting strands to the back of the red strands and wrap it around two or three times.

  • Make sure the number of red and white strands is consistent. 

  • Return to the red lighting after the white and stack the colors on the tree until you have a candy cane-style tree.

4. Decorate Your Roofline With Large Bulbs

The key to getting your roofline decorations right is consistency. The placement of the bulbs is essential to the overall look, which is why we always recommend focusing on the peaks. Place the bulb at the center of the peak using shingle tabs and drop the lights down the sides with consistent spacing. The bulbs should always be an odd number with even numbers lining up on the sides and one bulb on the peak. 

Turn to Illuminating Design for Expert Lighting Solutions

As lighting experts who have worked on thousands of displays, we know what it takes to transform Christmas lights into a magical and alluring sight that evokes the holiday spirit. From holiday lighting to events, Illuminating Design is the go-to source for all things lighting.

Contact us to learn more today! 


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