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Lighting Rental Prices


Set the ambiance by adding dramatic or subtle color changes to an area. A dramatic setup would use one light every 10 ft where a subtle set up would use on light every 20-25 ft.


Pricing as low as $20 per light. 


Monogram Lighting can be especially effective in conveying a romantic atmosphere. Gobo lighting also offers a way to add a little fun or whimsy in the shape of figures or patterns onto walls or floors.


Pricing as low as $330.

Custom Gobo lighting available.  


Whether you're looking to imitate the lively feel of a bustling outdoor cafe nestles along a narrow European street, or you want to generate a sense of intimacy and warmth in your spaces, consider adding bistro lighting. 

We have many shapes and colors available! 


Pricing as low as $35 per light strand. We can help you determine how many light strands you need for your event.


The most versatile product in lighting. You can create dramatic effects in trees and bushes, outline a fence line, create lights cascading from the air, even create a light canopy overhead. 


Pricing as low as $12.50 for 5 sets of lights. 


Fairy Light Orbs

Create an amazing backdrop to a magical evening. A beautifully designed orb garden is sure to be a popular photo op. 

Pricing as low as $8 per orb 


Create an unforgettable wedding cake. We can project text, images, or moving patterns directly onto your cake. This modern twist on cake decoration is sure to leave your guests talking. 

Pricing starts at $500 and must be installed by Illuminating Design. 


Pin spotting is an elegant solution to draw attention to unique design features in a romantic, dimly lit room. This design option serves as a miniature spotlight, a gentle light that highlights a focal point in the room and makes a unique decor element stand out. 


Pricing as low as $15 for one light.  

Installation & Design 

Illuminating Design is also here to install the lighting for you. Our professional installation teams will ensure your lighting is everything you have been dreaming of. 


Professional Installation starts at $800. No minimum for pickup and guided self-installation


Illuminating Design also offers expert design services where we can help you design the lighting of your dreams for your event. 


Contact Us to Request a Quote 

Contact us to learn more! We will learn more about your event and lighting needs to help you find the best lighting for your event. 


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