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Holiday Office Decorating Ideas

Holiday Office Decorating Ideas

The holidays can be an exciting and busy time of year. You can help employees reduce holiday stress and feel more motivated at work with festive decorations. Brightening your building with gorgeous lights helps employees, clients and customers feel welcome, and it can boost everyone's spirits as they enter and exit the building. Professional holiday lighting lets you start the season with a jolly atmosphere, setting the tone for winter months at the office.

Benefits of Decorating the Office During the Holidays

Decorating your office during the holidays offers the following benefits:

Increased Morale

From family gatherings to holiday shopping, employees typically have a lot on their minds during the winter months and may find it more challenging to focus.

You can inspire and motivate employees by brightening their workplace and welcoming them with a dazzling display. Show employees how much you appreciate their hard work by giving them some extra cheer this holiday season, and they will appreciate the company they work for even more.

Since days shorten during the winter, many employees enter the office before the sun rises or leave after the sun sets. Decorating your office building with festive lighting can evoke warmth and joy during an otherwise darker season, giving employees something to smile about as they enter and leave the building each day.

Higher Productivity

Since holiday decorations can brighten employees' moods and increase morale, they can also raise productivity. Employees are typically more productive when they're in a good mood. Mental health can significantly impact employee productivity and task engagement, and decorating your office can increase positivity to support mental health during winter.

Enhanced Brand Image and Awareness

Decorating your office building can enhance your brand image and awareness. People love holiday displays, and you can create a memorable sight that draws more attention to your products or services. Whether they see your building once or drive past it on their daily commute, unique decorations help your company stand out and stick in people's minds.

Top Holiday Office Decorating Ideas and Tips

Decorating your office can be a fun and exciting part of the holidays. If you're not sure where to start, consider the following office decorating tips and ideas:

Compare Your Decorating Options

When it comes to decorating your office, plenty of options are available. Do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts are becoming more popular as individuals post ideas and tutorials online, and stores often place holiday decorations on the shelves early in the season. While these are good options, hiring a professional is the most effective way to create a beautiful display.

Purchasing decorations or DIY crafts supplies can quickly exceed your budget, especially if you have a large building. You may begin decorating and realize you need more lights or supplies, increasing your decoration costs and depleting your time. Hiring a professional lighting company lets you focus on other important tasks while an experienced team handles installation. You can pay a professional once and relax as they bring your vision to life rather than spending excessive time and money on a DIY process.

Determine How to Decorate Your Space

Determine How to Decorate Your Space

Your office should exude warmth, joy and individuality during the holiday season. Avoid common, overused decorations to prevent blending in with surrounding buildings. Choose a creative design and layout that makes your building stand out attractively.

Working with a professional lighting designer lets you achieve a custom look that impresses your employees, clients, customers and onlookers. A professional lighting designer can discuss your goals and evaluate your space to determine the best options. They can suggest the best ideas and recommend the specific types of lights to enhance your style and preferences.

Utilize Your Building's Windows

Your office building's windows are easy to decorate and provide ample space to create an inviting holiday theme or snowy scenery. Paper snowflakes or faux snow spray can add a touch of winter whimsy to your office entrance and front windows. You can talk with your lighting design professionals to create a cohesive look with beautiful holiday lights that complement your window decorations.

Plan Where to Store Decorations

Decoration storage is an important factor before and after the holidays because space can be limited. Hiring a professional is the most convenient option because a company installs and removes lights, eliminating the need for you to store them. Hire a professional lighting company that offers prompt installation and removal so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday season at your office.

Promote Inclusivity

Inclusivity is another important factor when decorating your office. Employees may practice different religions, value various cultural backgrounds and celebrate different holidays. Respecting each employee's holiday traditions lets them know they are important to the company.

When you decorate, avoid using specific holiday or religious decorations. Lights are much more inclusive because they can convey the warmth and cheer of multiple holidays. Your exterior holiday display should consist primarily of lights to ensure it delights all employees and passersby.

Benefits of working with Illuminating Design

Illuminating Design offers commercial holiday lighting and design services for businesses in the Atlanta area. We strive to create brilliant displays, and working with us allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Stress-free holiday decorating: The Illuminating Design team handles lighting design, installation and removal so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday season. You can focus on important company tasks and spend your hours outside of work with family when you trust us with your decorating.

  • More office storage space: You can use your office's storage space for important office supplies when you work with Illuminating Design for your decorating needs. We bring lights to you and take them with us after the season ends, so there's no need to clear any closets for holiday decorations.

  • Expert design: We offer custom design services and strive to create a unique display for each client. Trusting us with your office's holiday image results in an artistic display the entire community can appreciate, and we can ensure your holiday display is inclusive for all employees to enjoy. We have an eye for detail, designing lighting layouts that complement your building's architecture.

Trust Illuminating Design With Your Office's Holiday Decorating Needs

Decorating your office for the holidays can help boost employee morale and increase brand awareness. Illuminating Design can help you bring your ideas to life if you have an office building in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. We offer commercial holiday lighting services so you can dazzle employees and clients with a cheerful display. Contact us to get started on your seasonal decorating.

Trust Illuminating Design With Your Office's Holiday Decorating Needs


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