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Reasons to Decorate Your Business for the Holidays

The holiday season is an exciting time for shopping, viewing the lights around town and spreading good tidings and cheer. During these festive months, business owners can embrace the spirit of the holidays by decorating their buildings with bright lights and decorations. Taking this extra step to make your space look cozy for the winter comes with lots of pros for you, your employees and your customers.

5 Reasons to Decorate Your Business for the Holidays

Businesses across the globe spend a little extra time on their exteriors during the winter months to capture the holiday spirit. You may notice that some storefronts have their own Christmas trees, menorahs or Santas on display for families to enjoy when they pass by.

However you decide to design your space, there are several reasons to add festive exterior lighting to your business.

1. Show off Your Brand

Decorating for the holidays gives you the creative freedom to establish your brand elements in colorful — and unique — ways. You can create impressive displays that feature your company's colors, logo or slogan outside your building. Don't be afraid to use colors outside Christmas's traditional reds and greens, either. Using different hues can make your establishment stand out among shoppers passing by on the street.

Onlookers can admire the lights and decorations while gaining insight into your business's message without needing to go inside — although they might be more inclined to enter the building after seeing the display.

This subtle marketing strategy works for many businesses during the holiday season. And passersby may not even realize what you're doing is a marketing tactic.

2. Attract New Customers

If you've ever taken a stroll during the holidays to look at light displays, you can see how seasonal lighting would invite new faces to your business. Consider what captures your attention the most when walking around a town during the holidays. You may look for your favorite shops in the area first, but the bright lights and colorful atmosphere that decorates storefronts in December will catch your eye for at least a few seconds.

Those split seconds can mean the difference between a sale and an uneventful work day. With this thought in mind, create an inviting space with your decorations that can stand out from other shops in the area. Big displays, unique colors and subtle lighting effects can show off your business to new people and invite previous customers in again.

3. Increase Sales

With a crowd of new customers excited to see what your business has to offer, you can see a dramatic increase in sales when you decorate your space for the holidays. More families spend time shopping during this time of year than any other month, with an average of 15 hours of shopping for Christmas gifts alone.

As the streets fill with shoppers, you can attract new faces with your decorations and see your business thrive with an increased sales rate.

4. Capture the Joyful Spirit

Decorating for the holidays has a unique feel that puts everyone in the mood for a joyful celebration of winter. Nothing captures that spirit quite like hanging lights, ornaments, trees and stars around your building. These welcoming decorations create a cozy and exciting ambiance.

Your team can enjoy the new views around their workspace while customers admire the dedication your business has toward creating the holiday spirit.

5. Create Memorable Corporate Events

As the holiday season approaches, you may start planning annual corporate events. You can encourage employees to celebrate this joyful time of the year by creating an unforgettable evening of lights, a colorful atmosphere and holiday decorations.

Decorating for a corporate event, like a holiday party, gala or fundraiser, can leave your guests in high spirits for the entire winter season with beautiful light displays.

Holiday Business Decorating Ideas

Decorating your business for the holidays may seem simple when you first start brainstorming ideas. But this step can take time to plan depending on the architecture of your building and the types of decoration you need. Want some inspiration? A few holiday business decorating ideas you could try include:

  • Decorating the surrounding nature: If your company has shrubs or trees around, turn this greenery into a colorful light display. Choose from reds, whites or greens to turn your round bushes into ornaments. Use string lights to wrap around your trees to replicate traditional Christmas trees.

  • Lining walkways with light: Even the most minor decoration you add to your walkways can give onlookers a sense of the season. Embrace the walkways that lead up to your building by lining the pavement with white, yellow, blue, red or green lights to capture the feeling of December. These bright paths are fun for kids to weave through and for other shoppers to admire as they approach your business.

  • Transforming the entrance to your building: The entrance to your business can become a winter wonderland for your employees and customers. Add hanging string lights to the arches at the front of the building or in the doorway to resemble icicles. Those passing by might want to stop for a photo before realizing they want to head inside.

  • Getting creative with the architecture: Some business owners are unsure how to effectively decorate their building's exterior to attract new customers. For inspiration, take a look at your existing architecture. Any arches you notice can transform into candy canes, shooting stars or a beautiful display of twinkling bulbs with red, white and yellow string lights. Windows and doors can also resemble presents by adding lights around the rectangle or square shape with a bow at the top.

  • Filling blank exterior spaces: For larger buildings with minimal designs on the exterior, you can add almost any design element to make your business stand out from the rest. You can install a projector or animated light feature that shows bells, Santa Claus or snowfall to capture the attention of those passing by the building. Add colorful wreaths to the walls if you prefer a more traditional option.

Light up Your Business With Illuminating Design

Could your business benefit from commercial holiday lighting? Illuminating Design can give your building that colorful atmosphere you're after. With our wide selection of vibrant hues and design options to fit your business's aesthetic, we'll transform your space into a festive wonderland for your employees and customers.

DIY installation can be fun to try out when decorating your business, but an expert can make this process even easier. Hiring an expert from Illuminating Design means all the intricate details of your business are accounted for. The result? A commercial holiday light display that'll attract all the positive attention — and the seasonal shoppers.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial lighting decoration services!

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