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three trees professionally decorated with lights

Holiday Lighting Services for Cities and Municipalities


Regardless of the holiday or season, incorporating impressive lighting at Metro Atlanta city locations and events provides an opportunity to unite communities and lift people's spirits. Also, choosing a professional lighting company for city and municipal events, public spaces and landmarks lets you enhance the city's visual appeal and encourage locals and visitors to join the celebrations. Illuminating Design delivers expert holiday lighting design and installation solutions for cities and municipalities, with services starting at just $199.

When to Call the Holiday Lighting Experts


You have plenty on your plate as a professional working for the municipality or city. Removing the sourcing and coordinating of holiday lighting from your to-do list and leaving it to the professionals would help lighten your workload. 

Here are a few signs that indicate it's time to call an experienced team to handle the city's holiday lighting needs:

  • Outdated lighting design: If your current installations are dated, and you need a fresh, contemporary look, it's time to call Illuminating Design for an upgrade.

  • Lack of customized options: Let our team create unique, magical presentations when the city's lighting has been the same for years.

  • Safety concerns: Safety is paramount when working with electricity, so it's best to call a professional service like Illuminating Design for a secure installation and reduced risk of accidents.

  • Need for expertise: Designing and installing large-scale holiday lighting displays and solutions calls for a specific skill set and a wealth of experience, all of which Illuminating Design can provide.

Our Holiday Lighting Service for Cities and Municipalities


Our many years of experience in specialized holiday lighting design and installation have equipped us with the expertise needed to deliver a comprehensive range of tailored holiday lighting services for municipalities and cities, including:

  • Creative lighting installations: Our accomplished team specializes in designing and installing custom lighting displays that reflect the unique character of your municipality, township or community.

  • Memorable light displays: From elegant, intricate projections and patterns to thematic exhibitions, our skilled team creates unforgettable lighting displays that become the talk of the town.

  • Fun tree light displays: Whether you want artificial trees made entirely of lights or live city trees and shrubs transformed into works of art, we can design and install lighting solutions that add warmth and charm to your streets and parks.

  • Year-round holiday themes: We cater to any holiday theme, from Christmas to Independence Day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve and beyond.

Municipal Holiday Event Venue Lighting


When you're hosting a holiday-themed event, Illuminating Design can transform your venue into a magical space with the following lighting design and installation solutions:

  • Column and pillar light wrapping

  • Mesmerizing arches and entranceways

  • Decorative draped lighting walls and curtains

  • Transcendent ceiling drape lighting

  • Sound-activated lighting displays

  • Dazzling visual effects

  • Timed color-changing lighting displays

  • Exterior roofline, gable and truss lighting 

  • Accentuating window lighting

  • Architectural feature lighting

  • Garlands, wreaths, bows and other festive motifs

Our Metro Atlanta City Holiday Lighting Process


Choosing Illuminating Design as your holiday lighting partner lets you enjoy a seamless process with an established service provider. We ensure you receive the utmost care and professionalism as we move through the following streamlined process:

  1. Team contact: The first step is contacting our friendly team so that we can arrange a time to meet, conduct a thorough site assessment and photograph the space.

  2. Creative discussion: We'll sit down with you to discuss your lighting goals, available budget and specific requirements to ensure our design meets your needs.

  3. Lighting design: Our highly experienced team will create a unique lighting arrangement for your space and meet with you to walk through the proposed layout.

  4. Design installation: Once you've selected a design, we'll take care of the rest, providing a swift, hassle-free installation to bring your vision to life.


"It was a pleasure working with your team. They were not only professional but friendly, helpful and pleasant, ready to do above and beyond the call of duties. Everybody loved your work and gave a lot of compliments.The decoration and lighting arrangement was great. Please give my personal thanks to each member of your team for a job very well done. Thanks once again."

Why Choose Illuminating Design for Municipal Holiday Lighting?


Working with a seasoned lighting design and installation provider offers a host of benefits. When you choose Illuminating Design as your municipality or city holiday lighting design and installation solutions expert, you'll enjoy advantages such as:

  • Creative expertise: Our team is renowned for its creative and innovative abilities, delivering captivating and unique lighting concepts and designs with each project.

  • Long-term contracts: We save you the hassle of sourcing and onboarding a lighting professional each year with our convenient long-term contracts.

  • Immense experience: With over 20 years of experience under our belts, we bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise to each project.

  • Versatile installations: Illuminating Design can provide dynamic lighting designs, offering different display options for various city holiday events and spaces.

  • Tailored displays: Each holiday lighting display we design and install uniquely aligns with your municipality or the city's needs, giving your community a distinct and extraordinary experience.

  • Budget-conscious solutions: Our team works with you to provide the ideal solution for the city or municipal event or space that best suits your budget.

  • Easy scheduling: Simply call us or complete our short online contact form to schedule your site inspection and discuss your requirements.

  • Quick estimates: Once we've evaluated the site, you'll be amazed at how quickly we get our lighting design proposal back to you.

  • Quality products: We only use quality commercial-grade lights and equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring you get the best results. 

  • Latest trends: Our team stays abreast of the latest industry design trends and techniques to bring you cutting-edge lighting solutions for an enhanced community experience.

Contact Illuminating Design for Unforgettable Holiday Lighting


Since 2004, we've worked toward building partnerships with organizations in Atlanta to help them create lighting displays. Our designs inspire a sense of belonging, encourage togetherness and uplift communities through state-of-the-art outdoor or indoor solutions. Each arrangement offers a unique adventure and opportunity to connect with community members.

Let Illuminating Design be your Metro Atlanta city or municipal professional lighting design and installation partner for a festive and inviting atmosphere, regardless of the holiday or season. Contact us today to begin the city's journey toward a bright and memorable community experience and bring your design to light.

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