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Elevate Your Dealership With Custom Lighting Solutions by Illuminating Design

Seamless, artistic lighting offers a variety of advantages for any auto dealership or showroom. Choose the lighting experts for high-quality solutions that will take your business to the next level. Partner with Illuminating Design for lighting creations that make a lasting impression. 

Tailored Lighting: The Key to Vehicle Showcase Excellence

The right lighting aesthetics can benefit your auto dealership by:

  • Showcasing each car in detail: With bright and even lighting, it's easy for clients to see each vehicle in its full glory. They can admire every feature and design element, from the body to the trim to the wheels — enhancing overall vehicle presentation and helping encourage customers to buy.

  • Enhancing safety and security features: Adding custom lighting to your car showroom offers an extra layer of security. Tailored lighting and lights controlled by a timer can help deter potential intruders and vandalism. 

  • Creating a better customer experience: Helping your customers feel welcomed and at ease during their visit is one of your top priorities as an auto dealership. By installing proper lighting in your car showroom, you can impact the mood of your customers and influence their feelings of relaxation.

  • Improving employee mood: Beyond customer satisfaction, custom lighting also plays a role in the mood of your showroom employees. Aesthetic lighting installations contribute to a more inviting work environment, helping your salespeople and other team members do their jobs better and sell more cars.

  • Attracting more buyers: First impressions matter. Stand out from the competition with custom lighting that demands attention. Commercial and outdoor lighting solutions can help elevate the curb appeal of your showroom and draw more potential customers inside.

Illuminate Your Inventory With Specialist Indoor Showroom Lighting

At Illuminating Design, we are more than just lighting installers. We understand that every company is unique and every industry is different. That's why we are the leading lighting designers in Atlanta that you can rely on for attractive, custom lighting solutions that fit your needs. Our team of lighting specialists can transform your auto dealership or showroom into a beautiful space that brings in more business.

We offer custom services to suit any design you have in mind. Explore our wide array of lighting solutions, including:

  • Bistro lighting: We can customize bistro lighting to cater to your brand or vision. Whether installing bulbs near the ceiling or adding lights along the walls, our bistro lighting creates a welcoming vibe. Want to create more visual interest? Add bistro lights right where customers enter the showroom, and create a pathway to direct them where you want them to go.

  • Pin spotting lighting: If you want to emphasize a certain model in your showroom, pin spotting lighting does wonders for highlighting a specific area and drawing visitors' attention. Apart from delivering a focal point, pin spot lights help upgrade your dealership's overall aesthetic.

  • LED uplighting: Make your auto dealership truly unique and unforgettable with uplighting solutions. Use uplighting options to focus customers' attention on a certain model and highlight key features within your inventory.

  • Gobo lighting: Custom gobo lighting is perfect for large-scale events at your dealership. Our gobo lighting solutions add flair to any occasion at your showroom and help create memorable experiences. 

Choose Excellence With Illuminating Design

Illuminating Design is your trusted partner in custom-tailored lighting for auto showrooms and beyond. We excel in crafting bespoke auto dealership lighting solutions because of our:

  • Rich portfolio of projects, crafting creative, custom lighting designs for businesses of all sizes.

  • Versatility in design and ideas, allowing you to choose the best styles for your brand.

  • Professional installation for total peace of mind when we complete your project.

  • Seamless service, including quick estimates, timely updates and easy scheduling.

  • In-depth expertise in various industries, including auto showrooms and car dealerships.

The Illuminating Design Process

Our step-by-step, personalized consultation process is tailored to the unique needs of your business:

  1. Meet with you on site: With extensive experience in lighting installation, we know the importance of discussing the technicalities on site. This way, we can understand every detail of what you want to achieve, and see your showroom in person.

  2. Offer recommendations: Once we've got a feel for what you want, we can offer our expert recommendations for a streamlined design and installation process from start to finish. 

  3. Kick off the design process: After we develop a plan together, it's time to start designing. We consider everything we discuss, from the overall vision to the smallest details, and review photos taken during our on-site visit. 

  4. Assess the site prior to installation: Once you approve our design plan, we visit your showroom once again and check on key installation aspects, like the light distribution, traffic areas and overall appearance.

  5. Install your lighting solutions: Once everything is set, our expert installers get to work to transform your dealership into an extraordinary space.

FAQs About Auto Dealership Lighting Solutions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our lighting solutions for auto showrooms.

What is the best overall lighting for a car dealership? 

LED lights work best for car showrooms because they offer an improved ambiance and styling. LEDs are also energy-efficient and have long lifespans. The bright, uniform illumination is ideal for making sure your vehicles on display look their best.

How can I create a welcoming ambiance in my showroom?

The right lighting helps welcome potential customers to your dealership and direct their attention to specific car models and features. You can use a combination of lighting options to set the tone in your showroom space. For example, pin spot lights draw the eye to unique design features, while accent lighting adds visual interest.

Are there lighting options to reduce glare and improve color accuracy?

Yes! The team at Illuminating Design is happy to discuss all the available options. We have many solutions to provide even illumination throughout your space, reducing glare and ensuring the colors of your vehicles appear more accurate and vibrant.

Partner With the Lighting Experts Today

If you're looking for commercial-grade, artistic lighting for your car showroom, choose Illuminating Design as your creative partner. Contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation, and see how we bring design to life

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