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Reasons to Hire a Professional Holiday Lighting Company

It's never too early to start planning your home's holiday decor. But since you probably don't have endless time to put into making your home look festive, it's a good idea to leave the hard work to the professionals. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional lighting company for the holidays this year!

You Will Save Time

Putting up Christmas lights you can be proud of can take some serious time that you probably don't have. When you hire a professional company, you just need to call and set up an appointment. With a professional taking care of it, you can get all the other things on your holiday checklist taken care of. Not only will they set up the lights, but you won't have to worry about taking them down after the season either.

No Safety Risk

Falling off the ladder and other light-hanging mishaps don't just happen to Clark Griswold. There is always a risk of you falling or slipping while hanging lights, not to mention the risk of electric shock when trying to get them to work right. If you hire an insured, professional, safety-conscious company, there is no risk involved.

Your Vision Will Come to Life

Perhaps you've always had a vision for how you'd like your home to look all lit up for the holidays. But when doing it yourself, it's not always as easy as it seems to bring your perfect vision to life. The good news is that you can work with a professional company to get the look you've always wanted! Turn your home into a beautiful and festive work of art.

No Maintenance

If you've ever installed lights yourself, you're probably all too familiar with burnt-out bulbs and having to constantly maintain them. Why add more stress to your busy holiday schedule? Not only do professional companies use higher-quality lights that will last longer to begin with, but they can also come and fix any issue that may arise for you.

No Worrying about Storage

You may not want to buy all the lights and decorations you'd like for your house because you don't have anywhere to store them when it's time to take them down. But when you hire a professional holiday lighting company, you purchase the lights from them just once and they store them for you for the rest of the year! Then the next year, you won't have to buy new lights or worry about digging your old lights out of storage and hoping they work.  

Unique Techniques of Outdoor Holiday Lighting to Consider

Christmas outdoor Christmas decorations - Snowman and nutcracker lights up house in Brooklyn, New York Are you excited for the upcoming holidays? If you are, then you likely enjoy showing your excitement by decorating your home to bring in the spirit of the season. Many people have jumped on the trend of outdoor holiday lighting, as this is a really elegant and effective way to decorate for the holidays. As fun as this is, it can be hard to really stand out among the crowd with so many joining in. The experts at Illuminating Design Inc. have some fun ideas that can help your outdoor holiday lighting be unique from those around you.

Light Up for All the Holidays

While it is certainly the most popular, Christmas is not the only season that can be celebrated with lights. You can really stand out by stringing up lights for all the major days of celebration. Some ideas for this are as follows:
      • Orange lights and candy corn for Halloween
      • Pink lights and hearts for Valentine's Day
      • Red, White, and blue lights with flags for patriotic days
    • Green lights and shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day

Follow Tree Branches

You will see this done at many commercial areas, but it is rarer at private homes. Taking strings of lights and following each branch of a tree can have a gorgeous effect. If this is beyond your skill level, then call in a professional to handle it. It will be a small fee for an incredible holiday look. Christmas musical design

Go Musical

Unless you are some kind of engineer, this will require the help of a professional for the first year at least. With the use of speakers, multiple switch boards, and timed lighting patterns, you can create a display that will light up to music. Think about fireworks for a minute. They are lovely on their own, but there is something truly powerful about combining these pyrotechnics with music. The same can be said of your holiday lighting. This can take a lot of work, but the end result will be something really unique.

Line Pathways

Most everyone knows to follow the ridgelines of the house and don the trees, but not everyone adds lights to their pathways. Not only will this be unique, but it can be helpful as well. You can use regular strings along the ground, or you can place larger, more decorative lights and lamps along the pathways. When combined with the traditional house lights, these pathways will draw the eye from the bottom of your house to the top in a very impressive way.

How Should I Store My Professional Christmas Lighting?

When you get a professional Christmas lighting installation done at your home, you'll want to keep the lights and use them year after year. Christmas lights can last a long time as long as you store and use them correctly, so you (and your neighbors and guests) can enjoy your beautiful lights every year. Electric garland Knowing how to store Christmas lights can be difficult, as they will often get damaged or tangled up. Follow these tips to store your lights correctly and make your life much easier when you go to set up your lights again the following year.

Tips for Christmas Light Storage

Start by separating your lights into different categories. For example, if you know which lights should go where, you should label each strand and keep all lights for certain parts of your home together. If you need a certain length of strands for one part of the home, you can even keep the multiple strands together so they will be the right length. Grab a roll of masking tape and wrap one short piece around the plug end of each strand with a tag of tape hanging out. Use a permanent marker to indicate where the lights belong and how long the strand is.  Chritsmas decorations Buy reels or spools to wrap the lights around. There are ones that are made specifically for Christmas lights―or you can use something that you have around the house. You'll just need something that you can wrap the lights around so they will not tangle. Use plenty of padding between rows of lights to stop the bulbs from breaking when they are jostled. You'll want to wrap tightly enough that the lights are secured to the reel, but not so tightly that you are overstretching the strand of lights. Place the reels or spools of lights in a bag or box and pack in the extra space with padding. Label the outside of the container so that you know exactly what is in it. This will make it easier to find what you need for your Christmas lighting installation every year. Christmas lightsBecause you will not need the lights until the holiday season rolls around the following year, you should put the lights somewhere that you won't be stumbling over them throughout the year. It's best to keep the lights somewhere that they will not be knocked around or need to be moved around to access other items. Do not leave them anywhere that children or pets play, because they may unintentionally damage the lights. Make sure the lights are in a dry, secure place and you can trust that they will be in good condition when you take them out again.  

We Can Help with Storage!

Lastly, if you would like help storing your holiday lighting, please call us. We can help with that too!

Checklist for Naughty or Nice Professional Christmas Lighting

Christmastime in Georgia is like no place else. Buildings and streets are decked out with magical decorations and sparkling lights. Everything looks so pretty; it just warms the heart. And even though the season may have just ended, it’s never too early for advance planning. There's nothing so pleasing as seeing your own home all aglow in the celebration of this beautiful season. Putting up the lights each year is a marvelous tradition, but "you better watch out" because it's not always so easy to get the dancing-sugar-plumed ideas in your head up onto and around your house, trees, and shrubbery. This is especially true if you have a large home with high roofs and tall trees, or if you are not physically able to do the job yourself. But, no need to pout or cry, because just like Santa's Helpers, Christmas lighting specialists in Norcross, such as our team at Illuminating Design, Inc., can get your house looking just like you see it in your head, or design something so beautiful and dazzling that you might not have envisioned yourself. We'd like to give you a sort of "naughty" or "nice" checklist to make sure your house ends up being the most spectacular in your neighborhood. Take a look at it so your home will be looking great for Christmas 2015.
  1. Putting up the lights yourself is a hassle (naughty).
  2. Many lighting companies will get right on your project in just a day or two (nice).
  3. Many lighting companies will be upfront about pricing with no surprises (nice).
  4. Using non-commercial-grade lighting (naughty). (Professional lighting companies use top-of-the-line products that resist malfunction and last from year to year.)
  5. Many lighting companies use noninvasive fasteners that won't mark up your house (nice).
  6. Spending the holidays with an injury can ruin your holly jolly spirit (naughty). (Many lighting companies use professionally trained, OSHA compliant, insured crews, so you won't even need to risk your own health or safety.)
  7. Be sure to use a lighting company that uses professional-looking, background-checked service crews (nice).
  8. Many lighting companies can store your holiday decorations for you at no additional cost (nice).
  9. Many lighting companies will have you purchase your lights once—and then install them year after year (nice).
  10. Use a professional Christmas lighting service and watch the neighbors get jealous (definitely nice).
So there's our list. You might want to check it twice to make sure you got it right. This could be your happiest--and easiest--Christmas ever. With a professional lighting service doing all the work, you can spend the extra time shopping for that perfect gift for the one you love. Besides, this Christmas you might just end up charging people to look at your house.