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Where to start - Neighborhoods

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Who - Any size neighborhood, large or small, can welcome their residents home with a cheerful holiday display.

What - Greenery, lighting and holiday motifs are popular items in incorporate in your design. Budget and style play a large part in the design.  Some neighborhoods start off smaller and add new features each year. This allows the design to always look new and different from the year before.

Where - Front entrances as well as back entrances always have a large impact and provide a welcome home to residents as well as give a positive impression to all who pass by. Other popular areas to decorate are clubhouses, pool and common areas.Any focal point in the neighborhood can be enhanced with holiday lighting and décor.

When - Neighborhood fronts are lighting up earlier and earlier each year. It is not uncommon to see holiday lights and décor being installed right after Halloween.

Why - Decorating can create a sense of community. It can also help hold or improve the perception of your community. Home values benefit from a community that is perceived to take interest in the common areas.

We can provide you with help from concept to application and everything in between. Know what you want but have no idea how to achieve it - we can help.  Have no idea what you want - we can help.  Need design or installation help - we are the company call. There are some decisions which need to be made as you think through the design.  Colored or white lights / motion or no motion / where is your visual image / focused on nighttime display / daytime display or both / who is your audience / what is your style / more is more / less is more / do you need to create balance in your display.

  Let us help you through these decisions.

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