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Where to start - Shopping Center

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

So you have been assigned the job of decorating your or you clients shopping center for the holidays. Now what?

Shopping centers have a great opportunity to generate additional holiday revenue and can capitalize on it if they decorate for the holidays. It has been proven that people spend more money during the holidays than any other time of the year and they will gravitate to a location that puts them in the holiday spirit.  The holidays are a time of good will and thinking about others.  Creating the feeling of the season with holiday décor will allow patrons to lose themselves in the moment and thus spend more money at the local stores.  A shopping center can even bring visitors solely to see their décor.  With an over the top display people will come just for the photo op.  Once patrons are at the shopping center tenants have the opportunity to lure the guests into their shops and drive purchases. How a shopping center decorates is dependent on a number of factors including but not limited to landscape, budget, hours of operation, indoor or outdoor center, number of tenants, etc.  Since prime shopping happens during the day it is advantageous to create a great daytime display.  Many shopping centers will use a large ring tree to anchor the décor and add décor to light poles and doorways to the shops.  At night, during the rush of the holidays, a shopping center can be transformed into a winter wonderland in lights.

We can provide you with help from concept to application and everything in between. Know what you want but have no idea how to achieve it. We can help. Have no idea what you want. we can help.  Need design or installation help - we are the company to call. There are some decisions which need to be made as you think through the design.  Colored or white lights / motion or no motion / where is your visual image / focused on nighttime display / daytime display or both / who is your audience / what is your style / more is more / less is more / do you need to create balance in your display. Let us help you through these decisions.

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