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Custom Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Resorts and Hotels

Outdoor lighting is a major part of any property, especially for resorts and hotels. These displays set the mood and give your space a unique charm that will live in your guests' memories forever. At Illuminating Design, we strive to provide unrivaled lighting design and installation services to help you build the finest home away from home in Georgia. 


The Importance of Your Property's Lighting

Whether on a business trip or a family vacation, your guests want to experience accommodations that go above and beyond. Designing a relaxing and luxurious space to achieve this goal requires getting every detail right, from your lobby to the pool. 

Your choice of lighting is a vital piece in creating a sophisticated and impressive ambiance. With lights shining on your property's most impressive features and landscapes using advanced techniques and strategies, your guests will enjoy a memorable atmosphere and will be more likely to stay with you again. 

Other benefits of incorporating effective outdoor lighting include: 

  • Minimize accidents

  • Increase property value

  • Stand out from the competition

  • Improve site security


Advantages of Working With Lighting Experts

Since lighting is such a crucial component of your interior design and can impact how your guests view your establishment, you may want to work with a seasoned expert. This strategy is often more effective than installing lights yourself, resulting in a higher-quality display. Consider the following advantages of working with experienced lighting designers: 

  • Innovative technology: Experts keep up with the industry's latest innovations and work with the most advanced products on the market to ensure you put your best foot forward. 

  • Technical expertise: Lighting designers have the training and education to create attractive systems that align with energy codes while maximizing your space. 

  • Effective project management: Lighting professionals focus on handling your project from start to finish to ensure you enjoy a seamless experience. 


Transform Your Space With Illuminating Design by Your Side

Lighting is not only what we do — it's who we are. Illuminating Design was born in 2004 on the belief that clients deserved more from their lighting. Since then, we've committed our efforts to designing and constructing beautiful installations throughout the Atlanta Metro area. 

Our experienced lighting technicians and designers leverage their skills to create visually appealing displays. We've worked on countless projects across numerous industries, from car dealerships to retail stores, allowing us to customize our approach and generate results that bring your unique vision to life. We do this through our exhaustive supply of dependable services, such as: 

Contact Us Online to Learn More About Our Solutions

When you need a lighting design professional to elevate the look and feel of your hotel or luxury resort, Illuminating Design has your back. We recognize how lighting can impact a guest's experience and emotional connection to a space, and we strive to supply our clients with innovative design services to create an unforgettable environment. 

Ready to get started with our tailored solutions? Connect with a team member using our online contact form today! 

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