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Planning a Wedding in Atlanta

Are you and your partner looking to get married in Atlanta, Georgia? You're in luck — we've got some handy tips in store for you concerning how to plan around cost, the time of year, venue, catering and lighting. Ensure your Atlanta wedding goes off without a hitch with this helpful guide.

Average Cost of a Wedding in Atlanta

Planning a wedding can be complex when you have a specific budget to maintain, especially since wedding venues tend to be on the expensive side. Fortunately, if you're considering an Atlanta wedding, the average cost of a wedding in the Atlanta–Sandy Springs–Roswell area is $23,593 — therefore, it's one of the least expensive major metropolitan areas for weddings.

However, it's also important to note that the cost of your wedding can vary depending on factors such as venue, catering and number of guests. If you're accounting for more guests, the cost of catering increases, and you'll have to find a more spacious venue. Be sure that your budget allows you to accommodate your desired guest count, especially if this is a considerably large number.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Get Married in Atlanta?

Typically, the most popular times of the year for weddings are summer and fall, as they offer the most ideal temperatures and weather conditions. Let's take a look at these two seasons to help you determine the right time of year for your Atlanta wedding.


While summer weddings can be appealing due to the sunshine and warmer temperatures, keep in mind that Georgia gets very hot in the summertime. July and August in particular tend to have the highest temperatures, so if you're planning to get married during one of these months, we highly recommend an indoor venue with substantial air conditioning.

June, on the other hand, tends to offer more pleasant temperatures and just the right amount of heat, making it more suitable for an indoor or outdoor wedding. If you're set on a summer wedding, June would likely be your best option.


Overall, autumn is arguably the best season to have a wedding in Georgia — specifically the months of September and October. The temperature is just right, and humidity levels are low. Additionally, the season offers vibrant colors that make for a gorgeous ceremony and photo backdrop.

How to Find a Venue in Atlanta

Before searching for a specific wedding venue in the Atlanta area, you'll want to decide on the type of location you're looking to get married in. For example, you might be considering one of the following locations:

  • A park or garden

  • A church

  • A barn

  • A hall or ballroom

  • A country club

  • A hotel

Once you've pinpointed your ideal wedding location, you can research Atlanta wedding venues that fit this preference. Filter your search by factors such as venue type, availability, amenities and number of guests to narrow down your options. Whatever dream location you're picturing, you'll surely find something both you and your partner will adore. A little research will go a long way.

In addition to finding a venue for your ceremony, you'll also want to research some venues for your reception, provided it will take place in a different setting. If you choose to have separate venues for your ceremony and reception, it's important to make sure they aren't too far of a walk or drive from each other.

When researching Georgia wedding venues, consider reading online reviews to get a sense of how reputable they are. A venue with mostly positive reviews is more likely to pique your interest than one with several negative reviews.

Popular Places to Get Married in Atlanta

If you're researching wedding venues but still haven't found the perfect spot, here are three other popular locations in the Atlanta area.

1. The Estate

This historic luxury wedding venue is located in the heart of Atlanta's Buckhead district. It features a large ballroom, crystal chandeliers, two wine cellars and a glass-enclosed porch. This venue is ideal if you're planning a large wedding, as it holds up to 300 people.

2. The Peachtree Club

Located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, this venue offers a skyline terrace with a stunning rooftop view. The Peachtree Club is ideal for a smaller wedding, as it accommodates up to 100 guests for a reception. If you're planning a more intimate outdoor wedding, this might be just the setting you're looking for.

3. Atlanta Botanical Garden

The versatile Atlanta Botanical Garden offers both an indoor and outdoor space for your wedding. It features lush greenery and roses, and it can seat up to 250 guests.

How to Find Catering

Food is another significant element of wedding planning. Depending on the type of menu, service and setup, catering a wedding can cost anywhere from $1,800 to $7,000. However, with a large number of caterers in Atlanta, you'll surely find one that accommodates your budget.

Through simple research, you can easily find the right catering service for your wedding while sticking to your desired budget. To get the ball rolling and spark some inspiration, here are five of the most inexpensive wedding caterers in this area:

  1. Aunt Betty's Halal Soul Food

  2. Seasonbay

  3. Good Fork Catering

  4. Gotta Have It Catering

  5. 143 Cookery LLC.

Wedding Lighting in Atlanta

Though it may not seem like a major aspect of wedding planning, the lighting can create the ideal tone and atmosphere for your big day, making it a crucial element to consider. For example, if your wedding will be in an indoor hall with large windows and lots of natural sunlight, what type of indoor artificial lighting should you use for an even balance? If you have an outdoor wedding, what type of string or bistro lights would help accent your theme?

If you're looking to create the perfect lighting for your wedding but aren't sure where to start, Illuminating Design is your solution. No matter the season or venue, we can help you create the ideal illumination to achieve your desired ambiance.

Contact Illuminating Design for Your Wedding Lighting

At Illuminating Design, we provide high-quality lighting installations for weddings and other events. If you're planning a wedding in or near the Atlanta area, allow us to offer you our experienced lighting services to make your special day even more memorable. To get in touch with one of our skilled team members, contact us through our form or call (404) 454-8944.

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