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Cake Projection Mapping in Atlanta, Georgia 

When is a cake not just layers of fondant and pastry, but a glowing work of art? The answer is simple — when the cake is enhanced with cake projection mapping.

What is cake mapping? It’s a relatively new technique that allows lighting designers to project images and patterns on a large plain, unadorned cake. The cake, usually frosted in white, serves as a three-dimensional background to all light projections, which conform to the shape of the cake rather than just lay in two-dimensional form against the frosting. 

From brides and grooms to corporate event planners, people appreciate being able to dazzle their guests with a one-of-a-kind lighting effect that’s literally good enough to eat.

How Does Cake Mapping Actually Work?

The theory behind cake mapping is no different than behind projecting any lighted image or pattern against a backdrop. When clients work with Illuminating Design, they hire our team to create a custom cake projection that will wrap or “map” around a 3D object. The effect is that the lights seem to hug the cake, conforming to its shape in an intuitive way.

Cake mapping projection software keeps getting better and better. At Illuminating Design, we use some of the best technology in the business to ensure that your corporate, birthday or wedding cake looks absolutely amazing.

Can Cake Projection Mapping Work With All Cakes?

Cake projection mapping can work as long as the cake has a relatively plain surface. However, cake projection does tend to offer a particularly consistent, dazzling effect on cakes with “blocky” surfaces and plenty of right angles. Sometimes, couples and businesses create fake cakes made from non-edible materials to use for a cake projection. The effect is the same, despite the fact that the “cake” isn’t actually meant to be eaten.

Where Is Cake Mapping Most Frequently Used? 

People use cake projection mapping for many different types of events and in a wide array of forums, such as:


  • Weddings: Cake projection mapping has taken off in the wedding planning world, mainly because it gives couples yet another way to use lights to showcase and memorialize their special day. 

  • Corporate events: Businesses preparing for launches or important meetings can rely on cake projection mapping to add a bit of sophistication and flair to their events.

  • Milestone celebrations: If cake is going to be served at any type of special intimate or sizable gathering of friends and family — like an anniversary, a graduation party, or a bar or bat mitzvah — cake projection mapping can serve as the shining masterpiece. 

Advantages to Choosing Cake Mapping in Georgia

If you’ve never considered cake mapping before, or you’re new to the concept, you may want to know why other people and companies appreciate the process. Below are some of the biggest benefits that cake projection mapping brings to any gathering, celebration or experience:


  • Distinction: When you use cake projection mapping at an event, your cake will never take a backseat to anything else. It’ll be on display boldly, brilliantly and beautifully as a central part of your thoughtful event design.

  • Versatility: You can project anything you’d like on your cake, from special dates, monograms and pictures to business logos. Feel free to get creative with your cake projection mapping ideas, or ask Illuminating Design’s team for their most unique suggestions.

  • Customizability: Your cake projection mapping can be customized to tell a story, if desired. Bring together all the elements of your wedding with your cake instead of just letting it sit on its own in the corner. 

  • Interactivity: With wedding cake projection mapping lights, you can have “leaves” or “rose petals” — all made of projected lights, of course — falling gently against your cake. The result is far more dynamic than anything you could achieve with frosting and fondant. The interactive options are truly endless and will wow your guests, as well as ensure your event is the most memorable they’ve experienced in a long time.

Our Cake Projection Mapping Process

As with all our lighting design campaigns, we’ll start designing your cake projection mapping by talking to you about your goals. What do you want the end result to look like? What would your dream vision be? From that point, we can help bring light and liveliness by leveraging our high-quality mapping software and crafting the perfect projection for your single layer or multi-tiered cake.

Does Cake Projection Mapping Work With Other Styles of Professional Event Lighting?

Cake projection mapping looks fantastic alongside any other type of event lighting, including gobo lightingbistro lighting, accent lighting and uplighting. When you partner with Illuminating Design, we’ll recommend all the lighting you need to create the ideal atmosphere for your event.

Contact our team today to talk about cake projection mapping in Georgia for your weddingcorporate event or other special celebration.

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