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Why Holiday Lighting

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

I never grew up dreaming of starting a holiday lighting company. I knew I wanted to own my own business but I always thought it would be doing something quite different. Something revolutionary, something that would impact tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. Little did I know back in 2003, the holiday lighting industry was exactly where I needed to be to find my place to make an impact. What started as an idea grew into a garage-based business which then grew into so much more. In my life there has been a parallel where I cannot determine if the company grew because of me or I grew because of the company. In the end I believe we both grew together. The company was always based on a mission to provide a better customer experience than what was available at that time. Over the years that basis has morphed from a labor-based concept to an art-based concept.

It is true anyone can install holiday lighting. You see millions of homes decorated each and every holiday season. Which do you remember? Which one really stood out? Which one do you see when you close your eyes and think back on holidays past? This is an industry with limited options and displays which can become very redundant. The holidays are a time of year when people become less rigid and allow themselves to believe in this magical time of year. They allow themselves to dream of past holiday experiences and reconnect with family and friends. The use of holiday lighting can add another level of emotion to those feelings. Just as a song takes you back to that memory, a holiday display can bring you back to that time as a child where you were holding you mother and father’s hands, eyes wide open in amazement and wonder. Some memories of what seemed to be millions of lights would captivate your emotions and fill you with excitement that the big day was near.

I have always been a dreamer and as the business grew I started to see how holiday lights could impact so many. Just look at Facebook and Instagram, and all the many apps that are flooded with friends and families posing in front of lights. These lights have become the backdrop of their memories, everyone smiling forgetting all their troubles, if only for a moment. That is a blissful moment to remember. The desire to extend that moment to others is why Holiday lighting. Walking through a light show and watching children young and old getting lost in the thousands or millions of tiny little lights. With my help, you too can create a magical display of lighting that will create memories of your own.

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