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The Importance of Choosing the Right Event Lighting Company

Updated: Jan 3

If you're hosting an event, lighting is nothing short of crucial. It determines how your photos will look, the event's overall feel and much more. But you have a lot of vendors to work with, so we don't blame you for wondering if lighting is worth it. Some of your existing vendors, like DJs or decorators, might even offer lighting services, but those usually fall far short of the custom, dedicated work of lighting professionals. Let's discuss event lighting services and why they're a must-have.

Why Should I Hire an Event Lighting Service?

You should absolutely work with lighting professionals for your event, whether it's a wedding, convention or something else. We may be a little biased, but we find that the difference between professional and non-professional lighting services is miles long. Lighting is often one of those things guests shouldn't notice. If it's done well, it should feel like a cohesive, seamless part of the venue and the event. While some elements will garner "oohs" and "aahs," most lighting requires subtlety and years of experience to pull off.

Those results only come from dedicated event lighting professionals. Here are some benefits of event lighting services that can contribute to a great event.

1. You'll Get Expert Service

With a professional lighting company, you have experts on your side. Some vendors try to lump lighting in with other services as an afterthought, using cookie-cutter plans and low-quality supplies. Others offer lighting as a side gig or hobby. Neither has the training, industry knowledge and expertise of a dedicated service provider.

You might be surprised to learn how complex lighting can get. When working on an event, lighting professionals have to balance many different light sources, assess how they'll interact with your decor and creatively customize the lights for your event's unique demands. Whether you want subtle, romantic lighting for a wedding or something more vibrant and on-brand for a corporate event, a skilled team can tackle every element with professionalism and expertise.

2. Pros Can Advise on Other Topics

Professionals have seen it all. We can advise on topics like how your lighting will complement your decor or how you can use it to create a social media-worthy photo op. Lighting and photography go hand in hand, so we can make suggestions in that area, too, to help you get high-quality, memorable images throughout the event.

3. They'll Stick to Your Budget

Experienced teams know how to work with a budget. You won't get a bill for surprise costs or poorly planned equipment rentals. A good lighting company should have positive customer reviews that can attest to their transparency and fair pricing. They should be able to make the most of your budget.

4. Lighting Is Integral to Your Event

Simply put, lighting is a big deal. It can be a transformational element that takes your venue from average to stunning. Lighting professionals can blend drab areas into the background and highlight focal points, like a wedding cake or a stage. Novel and dynamic lighting elements like gobo lighting or cake mapping can make your event especially memorable.

Along with appearances, lighting affects things like:

  • Photography: Good lighting is essential for good photos, and photographers and attendees will thank you for picture-perfect lights.

  • Safety: Professionals can help ensure guests can see their way around the venue and that all electrical hardware is safely installed.

  • Attention: Lighting helps your audience know where to look and can direct them toward speeches and focal points.

5. It Makes Your Experience Stress-Free

The day of an event is stressful enough, and event lighting services can take some of the load off. You won't need to spend the day fighting with cables and software or hovering over the installers to make sure everything is right. Professionals can take the hassle out of arranging lighting. Peace of mind is particularly valuable for wedding lighting services so that you can focus on your special day.

Questions to Ask Your Lighting Services Provider

Professional services are the best way to approach event lighting, but not all providers are created equal. You'll want a reputable business with a strong track record of success and creative vision. As you choose your professional lighting team, consider asking the following questions:

  • What custom options do you offer? Look for someone that will put in the work to research and understand your event. They should be detail-oriented and creative, ready to create something unique for your event rather than the same old designs they use for multiple clients.

  • Do you have much experience with my kind of event? Try to find an event planner who has worked on other events like yours. For example, a corporate lighting company might not be a strong fit for a wedding and vice versa. Different events have different quirks and characteristics, and they have distinct lighting demands. If the provider doesn't already have one online, ask for a portfolio of their work to see what you can expect.

  • What is your specialty? Don't hire someone that tries to do everything. Your DJ might offer lighting as an add-on, but it isn't a significant part of their work. Those who specialize in lighting give it their full attention, and they likely have more sophisticated equipment and expertise.

  • What kind of equipment do you use? Look for a provider with access to professional-grade equipment. For instance, they might control lights with digital multiplex (DMX) controllers rather than a smartphone app. Dedicated providers also understand electrical requirements and can avoid blown fuses or other power issues. Professional controls and lights offer more dependability, safer operation and better results.

  • What kind of programming can you do? If you're interested in dynamic displays that change colors or adjust their displays throughout the event, see what programming options your provider can offer.

Take some time to learn all about your event lighting service provider, and keep quality front and center. Lighting is not a place to skimp. Although professional, reputable providers might cost more, the results are well worth it, especially for important events like weddings. Your lighting can make or break the experience, so it's worth paying a little more for high-quality results.

Hire a Professional Event Lighting Company

Make your next event one to remember with the help of experienced lighting professionals. If you're in the Atlanta area, Illuminating Design leads the way in event lighting. We offer a wide range of lighting services, all backed by our custom designs and high-end equipment options. We have experience across events and industries with clients like the Atlanta Botanical Garden and the City of Atlanta. However unique your event might be, Illuminating Design is up for the challenge and can bring creativity and skill to your lighting.

Explore our completed projects to see what we can do, or reach out to a pro today to start discussing our event lighting services!

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