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Illuminating Design in the days of Covid

Updated: Jan 3

Hello Everyone Bill Frey the lighting guy here. We are coming out of hiding and wanted to check in with our lighting community. You are still out there right? It seems there are days that the only people I see are on Television. How are your children holding up? Mine are a bit stir crazy but with youth sports starting up again there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Due to the arrival of the corona virus I am generally not sure what day it is. What about you? Any new hobbies you have picked up? I tried to learn Spanish. How did it go? No Bueno. That's about all I learned. So good news is I will remain focused on lighting design and not moving to a Spanish speaking country to bask in the sun all day. Apparently new languages is not my thing. Then again you could ask my 7th grade Latin teacher and she could have told you that.

These days have been challenging to say the least. With the restrictions, no sports, keeping your distance, virtual school and no restaurants things have really changed.

Today we have to be especially careful and look out for each other. We are learning that with Covid 19 people need to sacrifice for the greater good and do their part to help us through this time. We were not working in our offices for a period of over 3 months but have moved back together.

Illuminating Design is working to help our community in all the ways we know how. We have been able to donate masks as well as other supplies to the front-line workers. We have also tried to provide hope where we can by giving those working through this time a literal sign of hope on their way home each night. These are just some of the ways we are working to support the community that has done so much for us over the years.

We want you to know as the world reopens, we are here for your lighting needs and we too have made some changes.

How have we changed our processes to ensure your safety as well as our teams’ safety.

  • Check and record Temperatures daily anyone over 99.4 goes home

  • Updated deep cleaning schedule at the office

  • We Limit # of people per vehicle

  • Provide our team members masks

  • Require team members to wear masks in vehicle

  • Provide each team member with hand sanitizer

  • Clean common surfaces regularly

  • Follow CDC guidelines

We know the world can be a scary place these days and no one is certain of the best way to move forward so we have chosen to move forward safely and cautiously. In this time of uncertainty there is one thing for certain, Illuminating Design is here for all of your lighting needs. If you have questions about our process or the changes we have made please reach out to us. Your safety is our top priority.

Let me know if there is anything in particular you are looking to learn in the lighting world. I would love to help.

Let's keep it lit!

Bill Frey the lighting guy

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