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Apartment Buildings and Condos Lighting

Enliven your apartment building and condo properties with indoor and outdoor lighting solutions from Illuminating Design. Our design services help you enhance your property's aesthetics and make it more desirable for tenants.

Why Use Lighting Services for Apartment Buildings and Condos?

Proper lighting is crucial in real estate to make your property stand out. Our lighting services allow you to create shining first impressions for interested renters. Our designs also give your apartment or condo building a unique character while ensuring safety and convenience. This custom lighting is a great addition to create a more inviting space for tenants and guests.

Types of Lighting Fixtures We Install

As your trusted lighting experts, we design custom light installations for apartments and condominiums of various types. You can elevate your properties into aesthetically pleasing spaces with our wide variety of lighting fixtures, which include:

  • Bistro lighting: Use our bistro lighting to bring a warm glow to your rental property. These fixtures make a perfect pathway light for apartment amenities like playgrounds, roof decks and gardens.

  • Uplighting: Illuminate certain sections of your building's exterior or interior with our uplighting fixtures. These light installations are ideal for drawing attention to your property's unique design elements.

  • Gobo lighting: Set the mood and tailor these projected lights according to the season or your brand. Our gobo lighting can display various designs, from corporate logos to thematic patterns, to fit your apartment building or condo.

  • RGB lighting: Accentuate the interior of your property during special events with RGB lighting, which provides a more dramatic ambiance. Let our experts enliven your space with one-of-a-kind lighting installations based on the theme.


You can also showcase your dedication to property management with our year-round lighting. We provide these lighting services for spaces that need permanent lighting installation, like your condo or apartment building.


Advantages of Choosing Our Team for Lighting Services

At Illuminating Design, we work with our clients to provide them with the right lighting solutions. Our team follows the best practices for outdoor lighting in condos and apartment buildings, such as:

  • Focusing on safety and security: Our lighting specialists are adept at professionally installing commercial-grade lighting fixtures that enhance safety within your property.

  • Bringing aesthetics to the next level: We tailor up-to-date lighting solutions to improve the appeal of apartment complexes and condos.

  • Ensuring functionality with every installation: Whether you want to create well-lit pathways or prepare your property for an event, we help you create memories worth repeating.

Enhance Aesthetics and Security With the Lighting Experts

Illuminating Design is your reliable partner for custom, high-quality lighting installations. With many years of experience, we understand the varying needs of every industry.

Count on our lighting specialists to bring your designs to life. Our professional team is ready to discuss your lighting requirements and provide expert recommendations. We are also available to resolve any lighting problems quickly and seamlessly. Call us at 404.454.8944 or fill out our contact form for more information, and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

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