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Lighting Services 

Leading Lighting Professionals in Georgia

Illuminating Design is a revolutionary company that guides you through the lighting design and installation process.  We offer LED uplighting, projection mapping, RGB Lighting, and more! We handle all aspects of your project: design, sourcing products, and installation services. We work directly with you to create the perfect event or holiday display.


Services of Illuminating Design in Georgia

Over the past 16 years Illuminating Design has installed and designed over 3500 installations.  That experience has allowed us to create processes which allow installations to happen with relative ease.  This has worked great on projects that clients need the full package.  We know that one size never is for all.  Now in addition to our full service offerings we are now offering Design and Consultation services as well as custom build and ship services. 

Design Services 

You have decided you want holiday lighting. Now what?

There are many factors to creating your lighting display.  Illuminating Design is here to assist you along the developmental stage of your design.

We work with you to maximize the value of your overall lighting display.

Wedding Services

So it is your big day.  Let Illuminating Design create the perfect backdrop to your memories.  We will elevate your wedding day to ensure your reception will be the one they talk about for years to come.

Consulting Services 

So you know what you want to see.  What next? 


Illuminating Design can verify the power requirements, map out your installation, source your products, determine necessary equipment needed, and troubleshoot installation issues. 


We are there to assist your development of a beautiful display or public lighting event. 

Build and Ship

Have a concept but need help with the implimentation?


We can assist with the custom build items for your display.  We can create forms in most any shape or function. 

These items can be RGB or traditional lighting, and  we can add motion or movement. 


If you can dream it we can build it. 

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