Outdoor Movie Rentals in Atlanta, Georgia

Why spend another movie night huddled around a TV screen? Rent a projector screen and you can turn any space into a place to watch your favorite flicks with friends and family in a safe, socially distanced way.

Outdoor movie screen rentals have taken off in Atlanta, Georgia. The concept is straight out of any drive-in playbook — just set up a big screen, turn on the projector and let the Hollywood magic happen.

Whether you want to rent a projector near Atlanta to show your own private “indie festival” in the backyard or you're planning to get your colleagues together for a movie-themed outdoor happy hour on Friday, Illuminating Design can help you transform any area into an entertainment paradise.

When Should You Consider Outdoor Movie Rentals in Georgia?

Are you new to the idea of renting a movie projector and screen to show films outdoors in your backyard, at a park or in some other venue? The concept can be useful for a wide range of events in many settings, like:


  • Neighborhood block parties: Bring everyone on your neighboring streets together for a family-friendly movie night in your large backyard. Ask them to bring their own food, beverages and seating for an evening adventure they’ll want to repeat.

  • Birthday parties: Why crowd the kids around your living room television? Make it possible for them to enjoy a movie outside instead of being cooped up indoors. Young children especially appreciate the ability to kick back in the great outdoors while getting their flick fix!

  • Video game nights: Movies aren’t the only entertainment you can project onto a big screen. You can also make your video games larger than life by projecting the action. Hold a video game tournament anywhere with a little help from an outdoor movie projector and screen rental.

  • Sporting events: Maybe you can't make it to the big game, but that doesn't mean you should have to watch it on a small screen. Bring the tailgate to your own backyard while you cheer on your favorite team.

  • Community pool parties: Take your next pool party to a new level by showing a film on a big projector. Consider choosing a movie that goes with the theme, like "Jaws" or "Finding Nemo."

  • School and church events: Forget about the same-old, functions and fundraisers. Get creative and rent a projector near Atlanta to transform your next gathering of students, families and supporters.


What Are the Key Advantages to an Atlanta Movie Projector Rental?

The benefits of renting a projector are widespread, especially in an era where everyone is concerned about getting too close during gatherings. What are the biggest advantages of calling Illuminating Design to arrange a movie projector rental for your family, business, association or group?


  • Convenience: You may not be able to go to the movies, but you can always bring the movies to wherever you are. Share some old-fashioned fun and entertainment with the people in your life in a convenient, efficient way.

  • Safety: Social distancing is simple when everyone can sit at least six feet apart on a lawn or other outdoor surface. Plus, we all need a little bit of fresh air once in a while.

  • High-quality entertainment: Illuminating Design only rents out premium screens and projectors, so you and your fellow movie watchers will always have an optimal experience.

  • Versatility: No matter what type of event you’re planning, you can make it more memorable and unique by adding an outdoor movie element. 

Atlanta Projector Screen Rental Package Options


Illuminating Design offers a projector screen rental package and an upgrade add-on suitable for a variety of occasions and client needs. A few of your options include the following:


  • Standard package: This package includes a 120-inch projector screen and all the equipment necessary to project any digital image, such as a film or video game, onto the screen.

  • Projected speaker blower upgrade: Want a bigger screen for your next showing of a movie fan favorite? We offer an upgrade that turns your 120-inch screen to 180 or 240 inches.


Make Movies a Central Part of Your Next Event

Are you interested in doing more than just showing a movie? Illuminating Design can help you create a mood or party theme. For instance, if you're hosting a sporting event, you can use lights to perfectly reflect the team’s colors or school spirit hues.

Other ways to make a whole event out of your movie night include adding accent lighting, renting a DVD or Blu-ray player, having a popcorn machine or snow cone machine on hand.

Where Can You Rent a Projector Near Atlanta?

Illuminating Design is pleased to offer outdoor movie screen rentals and more to clients living or working in the metro Atlanta area. Just contact us today by filling out our online form. We’ll get in touch to learn more about how we can help you elevate movie or game night into something more than you ever thought was possible.



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