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Front Line Heroes

Illuminating Design Inc.  would like to thank our front line heroes.  Without you, things would be much different.  We appreciate your energy, focus, and selflessness during this difficult time.  We want to brighten the world, and the best way we know how to do that is with lights.  We will be gifting holiday lighting products to those on  working on the  front lines during this pandemic. 

If you know anyone or you are currently working on the front lines (essential businesses) helping America get through this difficult time, we want to thank you.  Please use the form below to nominate your Front Line Hero or enter yourself.  We will be sending out various holiday lighting items until they run out.   Thank you for all you do.  We are all stronger because of you. 

The drawings will be every Friday starting April 17th and winners will be contacted directly and publicly thanked on our Facebook page. 

When you enter, please provide:

- Nominee Name

- Employer

- Position

- Why are you nominating them?

- Nominees Contact info (provide nominee email at the minimum)

This contest has ended.  Thank you to all those that entered.  Congratulations to the winners and a Special Thank You to all the Front Line heroes.  To all essential workers, you have are utmost gratitude.



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