Unique Techniques of Outdoor Holiday Lighting to Consider

Christmas outdoor Christmas decorations - Snowman and nutcracker lights up house in Brooklyn, New York Are you excited for the upcoming holidays? If you are, then you likely enjoy showing your excitement by decorating your home to bring in the spirit of the season. Many people have jumped on the trend of outdoor holiday lighting, as this is a really elegant and effective way to decorate for the holidays. As fun as this is, it can be hard to really stand out among the crowd with so many joining in. The experts at Illuminating Design Inc. have some fun ideas that can help your outdoor holiday lighting be unique from those around you.

Light Up for All the Holidays

While it is certainly the most popular, Christmas is not the only season that can be celebrated with lights. You can really stand out by stringing up lights for all the major days of celebration. Some ideas for this are as follows:
      • Orange lights and candy corn for Halloween
      • Pink lights and hearts for Valentine's Day
      • Red, White, and blue lights with flags for patriotic days
    • Green lights and shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day

Follow Tree Branches

You will see this done at many commercial areas, but it is rarer at private homes. Taking strings of lights and following each branch of a tree can have a gorgeous effect. If this is beyond your skill level, then call in a professional to handle it. It will be a small fee for an incredible holiday look. Christmas musical design

Go Musical

Unless you are some kind of engineer, this will require the help of a professional for the first year at least. With the use of speakers, multiple switch boards, and timed lighting patterns, you can create a display that will light up to music. Think about fireworks for a minute. They are lovely on their own, but there is something truly powerful about combining these pyrotechnics with music. The same can be said of your holiday lighting. This can take a lot of work, but the end result will be something really unique.

Line Pathways

Most everyone knows to follow the ridgelines of the house and don the trees, but not everyone adds lights to their pathways. Not only will this be unique, but it can be helpful as well. You can use regular strings along the ground, or you can place larger, more decorative lights and lamps along the pathways. When combined with the traditional house lights, these pathways will draw the eye from the bottom of your house to the top in a very impressive way.

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