Tips for a Beautiful Holiday Lighting Design for your Home

As the holiday season approaches, it is time for you to put together your holiday lighting design. There are a lot of different trends going around right now, some simple, some a little over the top, and others perfectly elegant. The experts at Illuminating Design Inc. have some tips that will help your holiday lights design be a beautiful combination of cheer, grace, and excitement.
    • Choose 1 main color: Right now it is possible for you to get holiday lights in just about any color imaginable. Your design will look cohesive and beautiful if you can be disciplined enough to choose one main color. Of course, the most classic is the white lights, but a fun statement can be made with any color if you can stick with it.
      • Choose 1 or 2 accent colors: Now that you have chosen the main color to use in your lighting decor, it is time to select 1 or 2 accent colors to throw in there. These accents should look good together, and should very much be used as accents. A splash of contrast here and there in your design will have a really good effect.
        • Hire professionals to hang the lights: Once you have a good plan of what you want where, it is time to call in the professionals. Those who handle this work for a living will be able to hang the lights right where you want them with no slack or errant strings of flashing bulbs. They will come with experience and tools meant to make your house look incredible for the season. Trying to do this yourself will be dangerous, and will bring results that won't quite match your initial desires.
        • Keep it simple: With so many fun outdoor decorations out there, it can be hard for a huge holiday lover to hold back from purchasing and displaying all of them. A cluttered yard with too many of these items will ruin the feeling of your display. Choose carefully the different elements you put into your design so that you can keep it simple and tidy.
          • Be different: Elegance and uniqueness are not mutually exclusive. Just because you want a beautiful display does not mean that your home has to look like all the other lighted homes on the block. Add different elements to your design that will help your house to stand out from all the others. The accent color can do that as can adding music, signs with holiday messages, and other such things.

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