Safety Tips on Taking Down Your Christmas Lights

With the Christmas season coming to a close, many people are beginning the process of taking down their holiday lighting displays. If removing your holiday lights is on your honey-do list for the weekend, then the following tips can help you stay safe:
  • Don't do the job in bad weather: Do yourself a favor and watch the weather. If there is a lot of wind, rain, or snow, then the job can wait for another day. Many, many injuries every year happen at this time of year when people fall or trip while trying to take down their lights in bad weather. Don't be part of that statistic this year.
  • Wear protective gear: The materials along the roof lines can be harsh. They will have jagged edges and rough textures, all of which can catch on your clothes and skin. Avoid cuts and scrapes by wearing protective gear like gloves and boots. This one extra step can be very helpful in keeping you safe.
  • Have a partner: The best way to handle a job of this nature is to get some good help. Have someone there to help you by steadying the ladder, catching things as they fall, and pointing out potential dangers. An extra set or two of eyes and hands can be extremely helpful and could be the key to keeping you safe.
  • Do it during the day: The lights are there to shine at night, but that in no way means you should be taking them down at night. Wait until you have some free time during the daylight hours. This can get hard as the days are so short this time of year, but each day is getting longer. A good opportunity will come, and it will be much safer to do this in the daytime.
  • Use ladders as directed: When you use a ladder to get the strings down, please use it only as directed. Far too many people get hurt by trying to change the way the ladders work. Don't add different layers to it or try to put it on unsteady ground. This can be very dangerous.
  • Hire some professionals: If this task is not something that you think you can handle with your available time and your personal equipment, then it would likely be worth it for you to simply hire some professionals. Get a good company out that handles this work for a living. They will be able to get the job done quickly and safely, and there will not be any danger at all to you.
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