Professional Light Ideas for Your Wedding or Event

Proper lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to creating a beautiful venue and event. A lot of the time, however, event coordinators and other specialists won’t know what it takes to create the perfect lighting combination. That’s where professional light installation in Atlanta comes in. If you are wondering what type of holiday lighting you want for your event, here are some of our favorite lighting combinations from the professionals at Illuminating Design.

Classic Style

One of the classiest options for lighting a wedding or event, a classic style wedding can be a great option for a bride that wants a traditional and beautiful wedding. First, you’ll want to look for a classic wedding space that can accommodate the type of wedding you want. Chandeliers and wall scones are great for a classic wedding, but you can also up the glitz and glamour by adding candelabras (in your metal of choice) and up-lighting to enhance the rest of the room.

Rustic Style

If you are aiming for more of a rustic look, perhaps a barn wedding, you’ll want some different lighting. Market lights are great options to give just enough light to the space without over brightening it. Try a unique looking chandelier or a centerpiece of spray painted gold leaves with long lines of lights hanging around it. Try for lots of candles (if the venue allows it) and greenery leading up to the door of the venue.

Romantic Style

Everyone loves a romantic wedding with lots of florals, lights, glass, and candles. Be sure to use lots of twinkle lights to give the setting a beautiful glow. Try using the lights as a canopy above the reception area to give the entire ceiling a magical look. Lanterns are also a great way to incorporate a beautiful look to the remaining area, especially if you have an outdoor reception area. If you want an especially unique send off, try having guests release floating lanterns as you run through them.

Modern Style

A modern wedding for a modern bride is another great way to celebrate a marriage or an event. If you find a really unique event space, (like an art gallery, a city loft, or even a restaurant if they are willing to let you rent the whole space) a modern look can be even easier to achieve. Using the lighting already installed in the space, you can complement the lighting with small candles in glass hurricanes, as well as lots of simple florals (or greenery) to make the event extra special.

Bohemian Style

If your style is a little bit of boho-chic, you’ll want a different kind of lighting for both your ceremony and for your reception. Be sure to use natural lighting as much as you can, but twinkle lights will also help create a beautiful and magical setting. A great way to incorporate these lights is to drape the lights behind the altar to give it a curtained look. This is especially effective if you have an outdoor wedding with lots of trees behind the backdrop. Try for mixes of candles in different bowls, glass hurricanes, and even old (maybe rusted) candelabras. Lighting is one of the most important things for an event, especially with a professional photographer present. You want to make sure that your event is a night to remember, so be sure to hire a professional lighting expert to make it nothing more than spectacular. Call Illuminating Design today to discover what your wedding and event should look like.