Outdoor Lighting Designs to Consider

Atlanta is one of the most exciting cities, with the most exciting residents. Why should you limit yourselves to only celebrating life during the winter holiday season? Whatever the season might be, outdoor lighting can make your home or business a fun place to be. Here are a few of the many outdoor lighting designs that can help you stand out.
    • Lighting from the Top—This is the starting point. A strong outline of the roof can give your location a clean, classic look and highlight the design of the building itself. Professionals can install icicles or large bulbs in a non-invasive way that won’t damage your home.
    • Large Bulbs—Bulbs that are nice and big create a very elegant design while highlighting your building’s architecture. No roof is complete (or even noticed) without them. Icicle lighting can be used in many of the same ways to create a nice outline of the architecture. It can also help bridge the gap between higher and lower decorative lighting/design.
    • Landscape Lighting—Expanding the design off your building can also expand your space, making it look much bigger than it actually is. On larger trees, lighting the major branches creates a unique design for each tree. On smaller trees and bushes, you may choose a canopy style of lighting that highlights the differing sizes of your plants.
    • Walkway Lighting—Highlighting pathways and the edges of your lawn is another sleek design that can help your guests find the correct entrance, as well as keep them on the path and off of your well-manicured lawn. Lighting a curved path is a wonderful contrast to the straight lines that you’ve already lit up on your roof.
  • Lighting Windows—In order to bridge the gap between the roof and ground lighting, be sure to use a window design. Simply outlining the windows is classic and very elegant.
  • Decorating for the Daytime—This is clearly not a part of outdoor lighting, but it’s still an important addition. Lighting isn’t something you can enjoy during the light of day. So, add some greenery. Wreaths and garlands can really make your building come to life during the day. The lights will take over again at night.
So, Atlanta, take this opportunity to make your business stand out from the ones around it. Outdoor lighting and décor are a great, simple marketing tool. They can also make your neighbors glad that they have you around. Isn’t that something you want? Of course it is! Hopefully seeing these different design options will inspire you to join the exciting life here in Atlanta.

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