How to Store and Organize Christmas Lights

You never really consider how to store and organize holiday lights until it's time to actually handle that chore. If you've ever worked at a holiday lighting company, you may have learned a few tricks. Most of you have probably enjoyed the frustration of storing and untangling holiday lighting in the past, so you'll be appreciative of having a couple of handy options. The first few steps are always the same. You'll need to take inventory of your holiday lights, especially noticing if any of them are frayed, not working properly, or otherwise might need to be replaced. You can bag those and toss them out at your earliest convenience. You'll want to keep them away from animals in the meantime, since any loose bits or pieces could present a choking hazard. The same goes for small children, especially toddlers or babies, so you'll need to make sure that the young ones don't make that mistake. After you've sorted through your collection, you can start the process of unplugging and separating all of the various strands. The next step is where people can get creative. You can use clothes hangers, cardboard or even used paper towel rolls. It's your choice, and ultimately comes down your preference. If you prefer the hanger option, make sure that you have plenty of available hangers. If you don't, you'll need to stock up on hangers. If you do have plenty of unclaimed hangers sitting in your closets, you're good to go. You'll start by taping one end of the light strand to one end of the hanger. You can use duct tape or electrical tape, but you want to make sure that it's secured and out of your way. Then you'll wrap the strand of lights snuggly around and down the length of the hanger. You can tape the other end, when it's finished. Keeping the strand snug will help it from becoming tangled or getting loose. Since people tend to amass a lot of cardboard over the holidays, that may be the easiest option. You can cut apart boxes (being sure to be careful with the box cutter or scissors), and use them as backing for lights. Cut a slit to push the plug through, which will keep it secured and out of your way. You can then tightly wrap the strand of lights around the cardboard. You can cut another slit at the other end to run the lights through, or simply fasten it with tape. This same process can be used to the paper towel rolls, but they tend to be better suited for short strands. Regardless of your approach, you'll have an easy and effective way to store and organize your holiday lights. You should make sure that they're kept in a separate storage bin, and out of the way of moisture. Hotlanta is known for its heat, but there's also a lot of humidity. You don't want to go through all this trouble just to replace them the next holiday season.

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