Holiday Lighting for Special Holidays

Outdoor holiday lighting is obviously most popular at Christmas time. This is when most households get out the lights and brave the ladders to put together their Winter Wonderland displays. While this is a great way to show the holiday spirit, there are those out there with the desire to decorate with outdoor lights for all the other great holidays of the year. The following is a list of fun ideas that can be used for some holidays, but clearly, this is a list that could be added to in many more ways.

Valentine's Day

Celebrate the day of love with red and pink lights, and adorn your home in heart shaped displays. This is not something that a lot of people do, and it could set your home apart in a really fun way.

St. Patrick's Day

This holiday can be made even more fun with some displays of green lights and rainbows. If you like putting your lights to music, then there are some wonderful Irish jigs out there that can add some whimsy and cultural fun to the display. If you want to break away from the green a little bit, then remember gold tones, and of course the rainbow that leads you to that coveted pot of gold.


Make this holiday a little spookier with some light displays for Halloween. It can be hard to find black lights that work with good displays, but in recent years, certain shades of purple and green have been hailed as Halloween colors as well. This could add some fun variation to your light displays.

Patriotic Holidays

There are many patriotic holidays throughout the year including:
  • Presidents' Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Flag Day
  • Independence Day
  • Veteran's Day
All of these holidays can be well-celebrated and marked with displays of red, white and blue lights. This can be a good way to show your gratitude and love for this country and for the troops who continue to serve and fight for your rights.


These might not be holidays celebrated by everyone, but when you have family members celebrating big holidays, you can make the celebration a little more exciting by decking out the house in lights of the their favorite colors.

Beginning of School

When school begins, help your kids feel excited about their upcoming academic pursuits. Get some strings of lights in the colors of the school, and have the students help you create a display that will build up their excitement and school spirit. There are some great songs about school spirit that you can set displays to.


There are some fun ways you can use lights to make your home more festive in preparation for that famous bunny’s arrival. The lights generally used for this holiday are very sweet with pastel tones. This is a good way to usher in the spring after the long winter months. You can feel free to add in any other special events and holidays that were not included in this list. Your only limits are your creativity and your enthusiasm for the holidays.

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