Finding a Holiday Decorating Company

‘Tis the season! While many families still opt for the same old tree and tinsel approach, why not try something different? The most contemporary way to decorate your home for the holidays occurs on the outside. The great thing about this task is that holiday lighting companies have taken the guess work and liability out of this procedure. No longer do you have to worry about falling off of a ladder or electrocuting yourself. In fact, consider the top questions to ask when finding a holiday lighting company listed below. What type of decorations do they provide? The basic categories fall under commercial and residential. But once you decide on that approach, the possibilities are endless. Many people are focused on getting extravagant lighting that you can spot from anywhere on the block. In that case, your holiday lighting company should have roofline, tree, and bush lighting, as well as ground lighting. You can request icicles and C9 bulbs to really make a statement. However, any reputable company will also offer daytime decorations that don’t require electricity. They include wreaths, garland, and a variety of bows that illuminate in the sunlight. Do they do offer repeat installation? Some companies actually don’t offer this option. They would rather sell you expensive lighting and charge you for installation every year. However, a quality holiday lighting company will re-install the same decorations year after year. This is important because durable lights and decorations are more costly than the basic ones we currently purchase. Are they safety certified? Yes, even if they are the ones climbing ladders and scaling roofs, you want to make sure you ask this important question. Holiday lighting companies should train and conduct background checks on all employees. It is also important they are OSHA certified and carry a certain amount of insurance. Do they have a service call procedure? The last thing you want is a company that installs the decorations and disappears into the night, never to be heard from again. Any reputable company will have a 24-hour service number you can call in case lights go out, decorations malfunction, or anything needs to be replaced. The turn-around time for repairs should vary from 24 to 48 hours. After all, you don’t want to have to make any adjustments yourself. Do they have a credible website? Perhaps this should have been the first question, but a holiday lighting company without a website should never be considered. Their website should have pictures, testimonials and viable contact information. If not, don’t even consider them.

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