Energy Saving Tips on Outdoor Holiday Lighting

If outdoor lighting is part of your holiday traditions, then it is important for you to know that there are some things you can do to enjoy this tradition and save some energy. Obviously, the lights for these displays take a lot of energy, and that can translate into higher utility bills. Where December tends to be the tightest financial month of the year for most people, this isn't exactly heart-warming for most people. Follow these tips to save energy on next year's outdoor lighting display. Use LED Lights This is one of the best tips you can get. Not only will these bulbs stay lit for years to come, but they also require much less energy to work. While each string of lights will cost more than the regular lights, the savings on your utilities and the ability to go years and years without having to replace them makes them a pretty good option to consider. It is also nice that they now come in just about any color you could possibly imagine. Install Timers The holiday lights are lovely, but the light and energy is wasted when there is nobody there to enjoy them. If you want to spread some cheer, but can't be around or awake every night to turn them off at a reasonable hour, then some timers can be very helpful. This will reduce the amount of hours the lights run, and the amount of strain you put on each string of lights. Implement Mirrors Reflective surfaces can be very helpful in getting more light from the lights you put up. Mirrors, reflective metal, and tinsel can all be used to make your existing lights work a little harder without actually having to use more power. Make a bigger statement with a smaller footprint by simply employing reflection of light. Purchase Flood Lights If you want to have a festive feel at your home without going too crazy with all the strings of lights, then you can use floodlights. These will use a lot less energy than all the strings, and can add a lovely feeling to your home. They can be purchased in many different colors, and some even come with stencils that can add festive holiday shapes to create fun shadows in the light. Don't Stretch the Season The former governor of California urged home owners to not stretch out the holiday season. A lot of energy is used on lights that are glowing from shortly after Halloween to shortly before Valentine's Day. By restricting your holiday lighting efforts to the month of the actual holiday, you can save a lot of energy.

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