Differences between Retail-Grade and Commercial-Grade LED Christmas Lights

When it comes to holiday lighting, there are few people that really do not want to have Clark Griswold's lighting display. Even if the Osborne Family light display is closing at Walt Disney World, it was moved there because one family could no longer take care of its display and keep the neighbors happy. Of course, if you want your lighting display to last, you might want to consider investing in commercial-grade Christmas lights, especially when you can contact a professional to get a spectacular commercial holiday lighting display.

Better against the Weather

Commercial grade lights are better protected against the weather. These types of lights are designed for outdoor use where they are expected to be buffeted by wind, rain snow, sleet and whatever else Mother Nature can dish out. Because commercial lights are expected to be outside longer than those sold at a retail level, they are built to last. Consumers at a retail level are less likely to have a place to store their lights, and so these lights are not made to last long.

Avoid the Tangle

Commercial-grade strings of lights are made to tangle less. While many consumers at a retail level just ball their lights up and hope to sort it out next year, businesses know that they won't have time to untangle their lights. Your commercial-grade lights will be easier to store because they are easier to keep from getting tangled. That is something that even Rapunzel could see an advantage in.

Size Matters

Commercial lights are built to be brighter and larger. In a residential area, Christmas light displays may be frowned upon. Having lights that are nice to look at but that do keep the neighbors up at night are two things that need to be balanced with retail lighting. In a commercial setting, the lights need to be brighter to compete with all of the other lights in the area; and generally, there are no residents to get upset at nighttime displays. When it comes to your business's commercial holiday lighting display, you will want to make sure that you invest in commercial-grade lights. There is no reason to go with cheap lights that are going to burn out sooner and break easier when you can get quality lighting that will pay for itself over the course of a couple of years. The holidays are a time when most businesses find their financial footing; a good holiday display can be a huge part of finding the right shoppers for the season.

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