5 Tips for Keeping Safe when Installing Holiday Lights

Celebrating the holiday season with outdoor holiday lights can be a fun and creative way to help you and your neighborhood get in the spirit of the season. However, something as simple as decorating your house for the holidays can actually be pretty dangerous if certain precautions are not made. Our team at Illuminating Design Inc. has put together the following list of top 5 tips for safe holiday lighting installation.

Watch for Power Lines

First, watch for power lines overhead when you are installing outdoor lights. It might seem like a simple thing, but it is not always self-explanatory. If you have power lines over your house, make sure that your light strands do not make connection with them and also be sure that any tools you are using do not make contact with them either.

Replaced Burned-Out Bulbs

Second, be aware of any burned-out lights and replace them. Although you may only have a few burned-out bulbs, when you have lights that are burned out, the electricity that would have gone to power those lightbulbs will be redirected to the other lights. This can cause other bulbs to not only burn out faster but possibly pop and cause damage or result in an electrical fire.

Use the Right Outlet

One of the dangers of installing holiday lights involves having your outlets outside exposed to the elements. This can cause serious damage and may even result in electrical fires or outages that can cause injury to people and pets. Be sure to invest in a covered GFI-protected outdoor outlet. This is the only way to go when you are installing holiday lights outside, as running extension cords from the inside of your home to the outside through windows or doors can cause fires or pose other safety hazards.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes the safest thing you can do to alleviate stress and also perform a safer installation is to keep your holiday lighting design schema simple. Although when you think of holiday lighting, a grand display a la Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation might first come to mind, you know if you have seen this movie that such a display can be dangerous. Even a simple display can have a huge impact and look amazing when done right.

Hire Professionals

Finally, there are some times when it will be important to hire a professional. You may not have all the tools and safety equipment that you need to do a good job with less risk. On the other hand, professionals can put your lights up safely as well as help you with design ideas and the creative aspect of the process.

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