4 Unique Outdoor Lighting Designs

Lighting design used to just be for Christmas. With all the different types of lights (including LED and icicle) that have become cheaper and easier to get, more people are decorating more extravagantly for the big holidays and getting lighted decorations for minor holidays or personal celebrations. Especially when you live somewhere with beautiful mild nights like Atlanta, you can take advantage of outdoor lighting design to brighten up your property. Here are 4 unique ways you can bring some shine to all types of celebratory events.

Get Creative with Standard Holidays

When it comes to the big holidays like Christmas and Halloween, making your house shine with outdoor lighting design is a good way to be festive and brighten your entire neighborhood. Many people decorate for the holidays, so you won't want to be left out this year. We can help you find some unique ways to help your property stand out from the crowd. For one thing, getting a professional lighting installer can make your light placement look clean. Professionals attach lights straight across the lines of your home and evenly-spaced around trees, bushes, and decorations. Keeping such clean lines is unique because many homeowners grudgingly decorate and drape lights on their property without much thought. You can also install conic Christmas-tree decorations with different colors of lights wrapped around them or plastic, light-up decorations in the shapes of snowmen, wise men, or reindeer. You can also opt for large wire sculptures in festive shapes with different types of lights, including the bright LED variety that will sparkle from afar.

Light Up Special Celebrations

One unique way to use lighting designs is for a temporary event, like a party. If you are having an anniversary celebration, imagine your significant other's surprise when the sun sets and you turn on the power to reveal an enchanting light design specifically for him or her. Icicle lights or specially-shaped lights (like flowers) are romantic and add a great element to a party atmosphere for an engagement, birthday, or going-away. If you're planning the event on one of Atlanta's mild nights, fire up the grill, lay the table for the drinks, and keep the fact that your home's exterior and all your trees have been decorated with beautiful lights a big secret.

Use Lights to Say "I Love You"

Valentine's Day is another time when lighted displays and decorations can really impress the one you love. You can project pictures and decorations, like hearts or flowers, onto the side of your home to surprise your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. You can also deck your trees and shrubs out in bright pink string lights or red lanterns. Make your neighborhood a little festive in the middle of February.

Bathe the Yard in Green for St. Paddy's

If you want to have a grand old time drinking Irish beverages and avoiding prankster leprechauns, you might want to include some bright-green shamrocks in your event decorations. Your home will be a beacon of Irish festivity if you take the time to order some professional lighting design for this fun holiday that falls in the gloomiest period of late-winter.