Monthly Archives: March 2016

How to Store and Organize Christmas Lights

You never really consider how to store and organize holiday lights until it's time to actually handle that chore. If you've ever worked at a holiday lighting company, you may have learned a few tricks. Most of you have probably enjoyed the frustration of storing and untangling holiday lighting in the past, so you'll be appreciative of having a couple of handy options. Continue reading

Reasons to Hire a Professional to Take Down Outdoor Lights

For many people, outdoor holiday lighting is an honored tradition. You work as a family to hang the lights in a fun way. Then, you drive around to look at all the displays people put on their homes around town. You love the lights. You enjoy them. Then, the season is over, and it's time to take them down. Consider hiring a professional instead for the following reasons: Continue reading

Tips on Packing up Holiday Lights for Next Year

Packing up your holiday lights can be depressing. But unpacking a tangled mess of lights when it’s time to put them up again can be both depressing and frustrating! Then, once all the lights are finally untangled, half of them don’t work. Here are 3 tips for packing up your holiday lighting so that you have a stress-free decorating experience next year. Continue reading