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How Should I Store My Professional Christmas Lighting?

When you get a professional Christmas lighting installation done at your home, you'll want to keep the lights and use them year after year. Christmas lights can last a long time as long as you store and use them correctly, so you (and your neighbors and guests) can enjoy your beautiful lights every year. Electric garland Knowing how to store Christmas lights can be difficult, as they will often get damaged or tangled up. Follow these tips to store your lights correctly and make your life much easier when you go to set up your lights again the following year.

Tips for Christmas Light Storage

Start by separating your lights into different categories. For example, if you know which lights should go where, you should label each strand and keep all lights for certain parts of your home together. If you need a certain length of strands for one part of the home, you can even keep the multiple strands together so they will be the right length. Grab a roll of masking tape and wrap one short piece around the plug end of each strand with a tag of tape hanging out. Use a permanent marker to indicate where the lights belong and how long the strand is.  Chritsmas decorations Buy reels or spools to wrap the lights around. There are ones that are made specifically for Christmas lights―or you can use something that you have around the house. You'll just need something that you can wrap the lights around so they will not tangle. Use plenty of padding between rows of lights to stop the bulbs from breaking when they are jostled. You'll want to wrap tightly enough that the lights are secured to the reel, but not so tightly that you are overstretching the strand of lights. Place the reels or spools of lights in a bag or box and pack in the extra space with padding. Label the outside of the container so that you know exactly what is in it. This will make it easier to find what you need for your Christmas lighting installation every year. Christmas lightsBecause you will not need the lights until the holiday season rolls around the following year, you should put the lights somewhere that you won't be stumbling over them throughout the year. It's best to keep the lights somewhere that they will not be knocked around or need to be moved around to access other items. Do not leave them anywhere that children or pets play, because they may unintentionally damage the lights. Make sure the lights are in a dry, secure place and you can trust that they will be in good condition when you take them out again.  

We Can Help with Storage!

Lastly, if you would like help storing your holiday lighting, please call us. We can help with that too!