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Checklist for Naughty or Nice Professional Christmas Lighting

Christmastime in Georgia is like no place else. Buildings and streets are decked out with magical decorations and sparkling lights. Everything looks so pretty; it just warms the heart. And even though the season may have just ended, it’s never too early for advance planning. There's nothing so pleasing as seeing your own home all aglow in the celebration of this beautiful season. Putting up the lights each year is a marvelous tradition, but "you better watch out" because it's not always so easy to get the dancing-sugar-plumed ideas in your head up onto and around your house, trees, and shrubbery. This is especially true if you have a large home with high roofs and tall trees, or if you are not physically able to do the job yourself. But, no need to pout or cry, because just like Santa's Helpers, Christmas lighting specialists in Norcross, such as our team at Illuminating Design, Inc., can get your house looking just like you see it in your head, or design something so beautiful and dazzling that you might not have envisioned yourself. We'd like to give you a sort of "naughty" or "nice" checklist to make sure your house ends up being the most spectacular in your neighborhood. Take a look at it so your home will be looking great for Christmas 2015.
  1. Putting up the lights yourself is a hassle (naughty).
  2. Many lighting companies will get right on your project in just a day or two (nice).
  3. Many lighting companies will be upfront about pricing with no surprises (nice).
  4. Using non-commercial-grade lighting (naughty). (Professional lighting companies use top-of-the-line products that resist malfunction and last from year to year.)
  5. Many lighting companies use noninvasive fasteners that won't mark up your house (nice).
  6. Spending the holidays with an injury can ruin your holly jolly spirit (naughty). (Many lighting companies use professionally trained, OSHA compliant, insured crews, so you won't even need to risk your own health or safety.)
  7. Be sure to use a lighting company that uses professional-looking, background-checked service crews (nice).
  8. Many lighting companies can store your holiday decorations for you at no additional cost (nice).
  9. Many lighting companies will have you purchase your lights once—and then install them year after year (nice).
  10. Use a professional Christmas lighting service and watch the neighbors get jealous (definitely nice).
So there's our list. You might want to check it twice to make sure you got it right. This could be your happiest--and easiest--Christmas ever. With a professional lighting service doing all the work, you can spend the extra time shopping for that perfect gift for the one you love. Besides, this Christmas you might just end up charging people to look at your house.